Resolutions. Are They Worth It?

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Since it’s the day after the 1st, I decided that we should reflect on past resolutions. For this week’s topic: Which resolutions did you say you’d do and actually did, which ones did you say you’d do, but never did? If you aren’t big into resolutions, tell us why you aren’t.

The other night, I was hanging out with a group of my husband’s friends (who are fast becoming my friends, too; we’ve been bonding over board games) and the topic of resolutions had come up, briefly. The general consensus within the male population at my kitchen table (6:1, if you count my boys) was that resolutions are stupid. Why wait and come up with a goal the first of the year, when in essence, you can decide to do something at any time of the year.

I see their point. So many of us cling to the notion that once January 1st hits, it’s like hitting the restart button. There’s nothing but a clean slate, and so we put all of our hopes and dreams on the fact that we’ll do a lot better with our goals if we start out fresh on the first day of the new year.

In my opinion, who cares? Coming from someone like me who thrives on goals, it’s just an added bonus, and for so many of us, it’s the kick in the pants we need to keep on track. Knowing there are millions of us who are making up a list of the goals we want to achieve for 2014 is extra-motivating. I think we have to approach the situation with a level head, with good intentions of following through, but not being too hard on ourselves if we don’t complete a task we set out to do.

I’ve had that happen from time to time. Just last year, I made a resolution to run the Kansas City marathon. That didn’t pan out. I also made a resolution to complete a writing project that didn’t get done in time, although I did hit the mark with Nanowrimo in terms of the word count. I’m still in the cleaning-up stages, and I’ve decided there’s no real rush when it comes to creativity. There have been plenty of resolutions I’ve completed, though. Most of the marathons and races I’ve wanted to do, I’ve completed. Home projects I’ve tasked out were also checked off my list. It seems the tasks we are most comfortable with, and most inspired to do, are the ones we take care of, first.

For this year, my goals are:

Run the Hard Charge, and come in 10th place (or better) for my age division. It’s a 4-5 mile televised obstacle course. This one is a tall order, but I’m going to work my ass off.

Compete in a yoga competition. Through USA Yoga. Another tall order, and I don’t expect to win any medals. But it’s going to challenge me mentally and physically, and that’s good enough for this girl.

Finish my novel, that’s been sitting since last year. This isn’t the writing project, it’s another book I’ve completed, and it needs fine tuning. I’d love to clean it up, and do something with it.

Work in the yard more. I want to learn how to garden. I want to plant my own vegetables, and I think it would be a fun project to work on with my boys during the spring/summer months.

Be a better parent, and spouse. This one is a give in, and a goal I have on my list every year. I’m not sure if it’s one that can be crossed off as a completed task; it’s something I strive for daily, but you’d have to ask my husband and the kids on this one.

There might be more I come up with over the next few weeks, but that’s a good start. For now. 

What are your resolutions? Which ones panned out, and which ones didn’t? 


For today’s workout, I’ll be completing day 2 from the plank challenge. I’ll also be attending a hot yoga class, 60 minutes. Check out this link to get a better idea of what hot yoga is. I attended a 90 minute hot yoga class last night, by candlelight. It was amazing!


8 thoughts on “Resolutions. Are They Worth It?”

  1. Great list! Let me know how you do by the end of the year. I always resolve, internally, to be a better parent. I’ve been working on reigning in my tendency to yell. I still raise my voice sometimes, but I don’t do it in the same vein as yelling. After reading about the mother whose son died last month, I feel like I should treat my kids extra better as a result.
    I’ve been doing a plank every morning. Just one. LOL! My husband does planking too.

  2. I applaud your dedication to exercise and wellness — that is definitely something upon which I must improve. I have to say, since my daughter was diagnosed with Asperger’s, I’ve definitely changed how I parent, and even how I spouse. PATIENCE is key, and though I am by no means perfect, I have gotten better about thinking before I speak and carefully choosing my battles. Good luck to you on your resolutions!

  3. So far I am still going strong with the commitments of 31 day Ultimate Blog Challenge. It has been a challenge. My goals are revolving around the blog and starting my husbands online company. We work on it every spare minute we have. I think we will do well.

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