Top 10 Most Fascinating Personal Blog Posts of 2013

Hello Thursday! Meet my blog group, comprised of a fantastic group of ladies  who will dazzle you with insight on various topics.  After reading my post, check out their blogs as well. Just click on:

Froggie (Tracey): One frog’s distinct voice on the world around her.

Merry Land Girl (Melissa): Tales of a suburban mom who likes to talk about pop culture, books, Judaism, family, friendship and anything else that comes to mind.

Darwin Shrugged (Denise): Civilized Observations in an Uncivilized World

For this week, Tracey gave us: Open to interpretation. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when in doubt, improvise!

Last night, the hubs and I watched Barbara Walters and her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013. This is her last year, due to her retirement. Some of the honorees I very much agreed with (Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Roberts) and others I cringed a bit (Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) and it led me to wonder. If I had to choose my best blog posts of this year, what would make the list?

#10 The Ceramic Tiger Who Has No Name

Just an off-topic post, regarding the ceramic tiger in my living room.

#9 It’s Just Another Blogger’s View Re: the Fat Shaming Article

Find out what I think, in regards to Maria Kang and her “fat shaming”

#8 Guinea Pigs. No. No. No.

That damn guinea pig.

#7 Might As Well Jump, JUMP! Into the 80’s

Check out my bowl hair cut. You know you want to.

#6 The Stains In Your Life

My take on mistakes.

#5 That First Mammogram: A Newbie’s Guide To Getting Your Boobs Squished

Get an honest account of what really happens who you go in for a mammogram.

#4 The Pedestal Prophecy

Whatever you do… don’t get up on my pedestal.

#3 The Thank You’s That Go Unsaid….

An unexpected thank you.

#2 Fictional Short Story: Clock Speed

My first short story in a very long time.

And the number one post is a bit of a stretch. It was written 12/26/12, and I know it doesn’t fit into the 2013 time frame, but it’s so important to me. The 26th will be the year anniversary of my friend’s death, and it’s one of the most important posts I’ve ever written. I decided to make that my number #1.

#1 Saying Goodbye To Jill Erin

Thank you for taking the time to revisit (or read for the 1st time) a few of the posts I’ve conjured up over the past year. I appreciate those of you who follow me, who lurk, or who casually glance at a line or two of what I’ve written. All that said, now it’s YOUR turn. When you comment on this post, please add a link, or links, to some of your favorite posts that you’ve written. What would be in your top ten?


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Fascinating Personal Blog Posts of 2013”

  1. I LOVE that you did this! I may need to do this one for my blog too, just for the sake of it. It’s nice to take inventory throughout the year. 🙂 I remember most of these posts you did.

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