What It Means To Have A “Me” Day

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For this week, Melissa chose: Tell us what your ideal “Me Day” would be like.  Here are the stipulations: 1. You have no responsibilities to anyone today, meaning you don’t have to work, be in communication with anyone, do errands/chores, etc. 2. You have an unlimited amount of money that you can spend.

This made me think of Mother’s Day.

Every Mother’s Day, my husband gives me a day off. And for Father’s Day, I return the favor. This means sleeping in, breakfast in bed, and we can choose how we’d like to spend the day.

On this coveted day, I never sleep in. The kiddos don’t allow it. I can hear them outside my bedroom door, as they “help” my husband with breakfast. What they’re really doing is playing in the kitchen. Or tossing a ball back and forth in the house, and I’ll hear something crash. This is what propels me out of bed, and down the hallway. They look up at me while wearing crumpled pajamas, smiling.

My husband will make whatever I’ve requested. I usually ask for crepes, because he makes a mean strawberry-filled crepe. For Father’s Day, he asks for bacon. Anything, as long as bacon is the side dish. We eat together, and it’s loud. The boys play musical chairs. They are constantly out of their seats, and I am constantly telling them to SIT. BACK. DOWN. NOW. PLEASE.

I don’t clean. I don’t cook. I get to be as lazy as I want, but I don’t do lazy well, so I always plan some big outing. A trip to the zoo. A picnic in the park. And we’ll go with hundreds or thousands of other families who planned the same thing. We make the most of it, though. We might eat lunch at the zoo. That’s always fun. We enjoy watching the monkeys in the Lied Jungle.

You know you’ve done well when the preschooler conks out in his car seat on the way home.

I might go for a run. I might go to a yoga class, if there’s one open. While the preschooler naps, the 8 year-old might hit up the computer while hubby and I watch a movie. Or we might play a board game together. Somewhere in the day I’ve showered and this brings us to dinner, and we’ll go out somewhere. It’s my choice, and I will almost always choose sushi. It’s a rare treat.

The thing is, my husband and I are really great at giving each other “me” time, when we need it. Once a week, he’ll come home early from work so I can do a hot yoga class. He has game nights with his friends. Some days, he plays a video game while I write. We love spending time with each other, and with the boys, but we also understand the importance of cultivating the hobbies and passions each of us enjoys. So, I don’t feel “me” time deprived. My boys are at an age where they also have their own “me” time. The little guy has a preschool class he attends at the local library once a week, and yes, I’m there, but he’s sitting with the others kids, listening to a story or participating in an activity. The 8-year old has play dates with classmates and loves his karate class.

Mother’s Day, although under the guise of being a “me” day, is really an “us” day. Every day of my life is an “us” day. Even on the days where I could have an entire day all to myself with no one, I’d prefer to have my family around me. They can be loud, and obnoxious, and crazy, but I’d miss them too much.

I think “me” day is all about balance. You find times in the day where you can crack open a book, watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, or take a little nap, if time and kids permit it. You do the best with what you got, and you do what works best for you and your family.

One strawberry-filled crepe at a time.




3 thoughts on “What It Means To Have A “Me” Day”

  1. Love it. It’s so funny — we had almost the same paragraph about not really needed a “me” day. I struggled as you did because, generally, I have plenty of “me” time.

  2. I get bits and pieces of “me time” in the evenings, but it’s also nice to have a day to yourself sometimes. Hope we’ll get to meet one of these days so we can have a girl’s day out. 🙂 Glad you have those mother’s day and father’s day traditions.

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