Fill Up With Goodness

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For this week, I chose: Choose a quote that inspires you. What makes it inspiring?

Last week, I stayed behind after a hot yoga class, hanging out with the instructor. We were talking about the benefits of yoga, and she said something to me that really struck a chord-

“We always want to extend goodness out to the world, and to those around us, but we forget about our own spirit. Yoga is a way to bring goodness into ourselves.”

I really appreciate what she said. I think so many of us forget to be kind, and good to our own spirits, and to our own bodies. We are often overly critical, and while we can empathize with others, what about empathizing with ourselves? On top of that is the incessant need to give of ourselves completely. As a parent and as a wife, I do this on a daily basis. By the end of the day, my reserves are completely tapped out. Instead of patting myself on the back, I will chastise myself, or wonder if I could have, or should have done something differently, or better? Did I do enough? Did I give enough?

Going to yoga classes (or doing anything for myself) would often bring on guilt. Instead of filling myself with the positive vibes that surround me, and turning off the negativity, I would lament over whether it’s acceptable for me to enjoy the time alone. Having that “me” time. Are the kids okay? Does my husband need my help? Should I be spending the money on myself to go to this class (race, massage, gym, dinner with friends, etc.)? Over time, I’ve come to realize that I am more than worth it. That the time away helps me to recharge and center myself, and to gain perspective on my life. I’m a mother, a wife, a friend- those titles help to make up who I am, yet I’m still Sara, and Sara needs to remember that she’s an important person in her own story. That’s it okay to let that goodness in, because it enables me to extend even more of that goodness outwards. I’m still a great parent/wife/friend for my loved ones. It’s a win=win.

How do you bring goodness in? What do you do to be kind to yourself?



7 thoughts on “Fill Up With Goodness”

  1. Love it, Sara! I really think that before we can take of someone else, we have to take care of ourselves. But, of course, we are the easiest to neglect. Excellent post!

  2. I totally get where you’re coming from. We often (especially as women & mothers) put ourselves last & then feel guilty if we do spoil ourselves every now & then, but we shouldn’t! It’s a hard thing to change that mind frame, though. I do my best to allow myself to a nap & a chocolate during my kids’ nap time if I need it. I know it’s not much, but it goes a long way!

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