Disaster Area? Nah, It’s Just My Fitness Crap

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShoved between a sofa and over-sized chair- my fitness crap. In all it’s glory. Don’t judge me, please. It’s a miracle the stuff is in one place. Other than the blue fitness ball. The kids always mess with it. Hell, they use it way more than I ever do.

This isn’t staged for the camera. If you decided to venture down into our dungeon, a.k.a. basement, this is what you’d see in the corner:

The dreadmill. A hand-me-down from a good friend of mine. Step and risors, an old Christmas gift circa 2006. Spin bike, last year’s Christmas gift for my husband, from yours truly. 9 lb. medicine ball. I have no clue where I got it from, but it’s all mine. Pink foam roller, from hubby. I’ve used it once. 2lb weights, 5lb weights and 8 lb weights. The 2lb weights were a gift for my little guy, who was in his weight lifting phase last year. Tool belt, which isn’t a fitness-related item, but Little Guy likes to hang it on the spin bike. Black binder full of work out routines I’ve clipped out of Shape magazine. Fitness band, red. I don’t know how much resistance it offers, or where I got it from. Heating pad. ‘Nuff said. Weighted bar, which I never use anymore. Last but not least, random colored balls my kids have left down in the basement, and have made their way into the fitness crap pile.

Now it’s your turn! What sort of fitness crap do you have lurking in the shadows? Take a pic and post it with your comment. I’d love to see your own pile of torture devices!






5 thoughts on “Disaster Area? Nah, It’s Just My Fitness Crap”

  1. I’m not quite sure how to post a photo on your page, but I have a huge section in a cabinet with about 25 exercise videos, small hand weights, and resistance bands. It’s all dusty!

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