Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

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For this week, I went with the obvious choice: What are your thoughts on the government shutdown? I mean, you can’t go online or turn on the news without this being the #1 topic of conversation. I’ve seen a plethora of articles, interviews,  blog posts and rants/debates on the situation. One of my favorites

So,  here’s the deal. Obama is the Prez. Some of you are happy about that, others not so much, but he IS the Prez. And, the Prez had been making plans for years to put the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) into action. Now, I’m not a political person by nature, so forgive me if the way I lay this out is as cryptic as a little kid telling a story, but from what I understand, the House says, “Hi there. We created the budget.” The Senate’s job is to pass the budget. The House will approve everything but Obamacare, and the Senate says, “Nope. It’s all or nothing, man.” If you are having a hard time following me- read this. Anything using Ferris Bueller is a win, in my book.

Some of you are loving Obamacare (proven by the millions who have crashed the healthcare website) and some are hating on Obamacare. To each his own. I’ve known about Obamacare. I’ve seen it comin’ around the mountain, and if knew about it (living out here, in the cornfields of the midwest) than certainly House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) had known this was coming, too. My guess is, he knew about it way before I did. Yes, I’m being facetious. This was no surprise to him, or those in the House that are backing the decision not to approve Obamacare.

I guess he and the rest of ’em figured that by saying they don’t like Obamacare, and that they would like to delay it a year, that it wouldn’t go into effect. Only, it did, and now that time has run out and the shutdown has commenced, and we have enough Republicans who are ready to pass a bill which would fund our govt. (read about it here) it ain’t happenin’. Not without Boehner’s vote.

I totally get it. A lot of people are complaining about Obamacare. But is it worth putting our country into a Great Depression over? Millions of people are affected by the shutdown. Hundreds of thousands without jobs, a total shit storm. Even a little boy’s transplant was put on hold due to the shutdown! Read about it here. This is going too far, and it’s getting ridiculous. The big wigs aren’t feeling the burn, it’s the rest of us who are, so it’s easy for the Reps to sit there and do nothing (Boehner esp.), or for Obama to tout what’s “right” and “wrong”, while still receiving a pay check.

Wise words from Vanilla Ice: “Stop. Collaborate, and Listen.” Come to an agreement, and soon. Time is running out. Either modifications are made to Obamacare (come on Obama, you can give a little, too), or Boehner has to suck it up and deal with what’s been done. If those options don’t sound appealing, there is middle ground to be found here, there almost always is. I have faith. Doing nothing will cost us greatly.

Maybe they need to go back to the basics.

What are your thoughts on the shutdown?


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