The Glow For It 5K, Zoo Run 5 Miler, and Becoming A Role Model. I’d Say It Was A Good Weekend.

When C.J. had first mentioned the Glow Run, I had assumed it was something she planned on running with her friends. C.J. is a sophomore in high school, and I’m a tad bit older than she is. Just a smidge. When she said that none of her cronies were participating, I threw out, “I can run it with you… you know, if you want.” I didn’t want to push my running obsession onto her, but she accepted, and thus began our 5K adventure! Here’s a pic of C.J. and I, back in the day. This is circa 2004. She was 6. I was 20-something.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s my best friend’s daughter. Here she is at my oldest son’s 1st birthday party, in 2006:



Right after he was born, she asked me when she’d be allowed to babysit him. I told her: “When you are 12.” Fast forward (is it 2013??? Where did the time go?), and both my boys absolutely adore her. What’s not to like? Here we are, right before the run:

courtsaraI know, we look related, don’t we? Buying hot pink nail polish was her idea. I never come up with cool ideas like that on my own, but she’s a chip off the ol’ block, as cool and fashionable as her mom, and her older sister.

We had participated in the mud run earlier this year, but this race was different. There was a lot of running involved, no obstacles, a ton of darkness, and we did a great job! She came in 2nd place at this race! I have a feeling she’s been bit by the running bug, and I’m all for it! We’re already planning on the Ugly Sweater run for later this year. You always expect that as a parent, you become an instant role model to your kids, but you forget what sort of impression you make on others around you, and this includes your extended family. I hope I’ve planted a seed, and it will be awesome to watch it grow. I’ll be the slightly awkward but incredibly cool aunt, okay?

That was Saturday evening. Sunday morning, I ran in the Omaha Zoo Run’s 5 Mile race. It was my first time, and although it was hilly, it was a lot of fun! The last mile or so was mostly downhill, and I was flying! There’s a feeling that washes over me in moments like that one. I don’t worry about the possible injuries I could get from running quickly down a hill, even though I’ve always been clumsy. It doesn’t exist in my world. The only thing that does exist is pure joy while my feet barely touch the ground. I came in 10th in my age group, at 43:58.

Next up: The Kansas City Marathon. Pray for me.




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