Don’t have much to say today. Yesterday I discovered that someone I know passed away a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know her well, but she made an impact on my life. I met Bev while dealing with my cancer scare, and although she put in one hell of a fight, she succumbed to stage IV small cell carcinoma on  August 22nd. I was preparing for my trip to Oregon, and I figured I’d see a new post from one of Bev’s family members on Bev’s Facebook page, keeping everyone updated, but I’m sure her family is dealing with a lot of grief right now. Who wants to put in a status update? I know I wouldn’t want to.

Here’s what I know about Bev, from the brief time I knew her: she was heartfelt, and sweet. She saw a frightened woman (that would be me), and gave her a big hug. She let me know that there was no point in ever giving up, and that there was always hope, if you looked hard enough. She didn’t know me or even know of me, yet she friended me on Facebook, and when my close friend Jill was going through her own battles with stage IV small cell carcinoma, Bev reached out to Jill- it didn’t matter that she had never met Jill. It’s how Bev was. The staff at the cancer center referred to her as “Mom to All”, and there is no doubt in my mind that she’s still mothering those who need it- but doing so on the other side.

R.I.P., Bev. You were and still remain an incredible lady.


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