All Work Out And No Play….

is boring.

I can find a way to work out no matter where I go. You know how some people can envision the beauty in a room just by spending a little time surrounded by white walls? I have a few friends with this sort of talent. I’m rather envious of it, and their homes always look as though a page was ripped out of Betterย Homes and Gardens.ย I don’t have that particular gift, but in a similar fashion, I can always envision various ways to exercise, given my surroundings. It doesn’t matter where I am. The strangest place so far was the airport (while waiting, I did leg lunges, squats and the seats were great for tricep dips).

When I have a chance to combine exercise with family time, I’ll do it. I can feel good about my health, my family’s health, and I’m still engaging with them, giving them the much-needed quality time that kids need, especially during a holiday weekend.

The boys and I took a trip to Halleck Park, located in Papillion, NE. Have you been there? My oldest had his 1st birthday party there, right before construction set in to build a pond and walking area for patrons. It’s a beautiful little park.


Husband and preschooler, riding bikes
Husband and preschooler, riding bikes

Something I recently noticed… the park has an outdoor gym.


Husband, using the outdoor gym
Husband, using the outdoor gym

How cool is that??? So, here’s what I did over the weekend. If you live in the area, check out Halleck Park. If not, find a park in your neighborhood, or do this right where you live, making your home the pit stop. This will make a lot more sense in just a few seconds.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo warm up, take a brisk walk around the pond- on the walking path. For a more intermediate approach, rotate between walking/running. Advanced, run the entire time. When you make it back to the outdoor gym, it’s time to combine some strength training. Here’s what I did:

Push up bar
Push-up bar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did 3 sets of 10. Now, if you are at another park or at home, do push-ups on the ground, instead. I took about a 5 second break between each set. After the push-ups, move on to


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStarting on the ground, get into a squat position, and then jump up, squatting as you land. Jump back off the step, squatting again. If you don’t have access to something like this, you can jump from the street up onto the curb in your neighborhood, or simply squat in place, jump, and then squat again. You want to do 3 sets of 10, again taking a 5 second break between sets.

Chest press

This one uses your own body weight. If you don’t have access to do this, lay on your back with weights, and lift your arms straight up from your sides into the air, and back down.

courtesy of Sport Fitness

You can also do a push-up with your hands close to the sides of your body as you go down.

courtesy of

Do 3 sets of 10, with that 5 second break into between sets.


My favorite move of the morning. Look who I have as my “assistant”. ๐Ÿ™‚ I lay back completely when I do sit-ups, and then I



sit up, using my stomach muscles to pull me into a sitting position. I did 20. If lying back is too uncomfortable, you can cradle your head in your hands, behind your head, and crunch up. The outdoor gym had a sit up area, but I felt like it was too uncomfortable on my back, so I chose the ground instead.

After strength, do cardio again. Either walk, walk/run, or run around the pond (or, around the block). You want to repeat the cardio/strength routine 3-5 times. So, it will look like this:


push-ups 3 sets of 10

squat jumps 3 sets of 10

chest press 3 sets of 10

sit-ups 20

(repeat 3-5 times)

It was great, because my boys would come by to see me, or I’d walk briskly and the little guy would run towards me from the opposite direction. There were times I was running and I’d have to walk because of that, but really, who cares? That’s part of the “all work out and no play” mentality you need to have sometimes. It was fun, and that’s what mattered the most!


on a skateboard

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?




4 thoughts on “All Work Out And No Play….”

    1. I hope they do! If not, you can do this at a park, or at home- whatever works for you! I’ve even used the little guy as a weight, when I do squats, lol… he sits on my shoulders. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Now that is super cool! I have done a few park exercise before, but not quite as organized as this. I am on the road a lot, including two half-day auctions every week. I usually sneak out to the ladies room and do 10 minutes of various exercises. Also, when my kiddo is playing at the park, I will walk fast laps around the playground. Neat ideas, thanks!

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