Are These Teen Pregnancy Ads Controversial?

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For this week, Tracey requested that we look at this video from CNN and give our thoughts regarding the recent teen pregnancy ads in Chicago. If you don’t feel like checking out the link, here’s an example:

courtesy of

This may seem extreme, but in my opinion, every little bit helps. Similar ads have been showcased in Milwaukee, and a significant decline in teen pregnancy has been recorded. I know, looking at that photo is disturbing, but read their slogan: Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are. 

If this does something to help prevent teen pregnancy, I don’t see the harm in it. In fact, images like this may get people talking- peer to peer, as well as parent to child. I feel talking openly (in an age-appropriate manner) with our kids when they have questions helps to build a foundation of trust. If my 8-year-old saw this advertisement and asked me why that man has a baby growing in his belly, of course it will be an awkward moment for me. However, I would try to get my son to understand that the ad he sees, although not possible (men aren’t able to carry babies in their bellies) was created to help teenagers. I’d tell him that having babies can be a lot of work (I’d remind him about the first two years with his younger brother) and that it’s even more work for someone who isn’t old enough to understand all the responsibilities that come with having a baby. The ad depicts pregnant young men in an effort to raise awareness and to start a conversation.

So, what do you think? Do you feel these ads are too controversial? 


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6 thoughts on “Are These Teen Pregnancy Ads Controversial?”

  1. I don’t really see the controversy in the picture. I think it’s hilarious and definitely gets the point across — we need to have open conversations about it. We can’t ignore the issue and hope it goes away magically.

  2. For too long the issue has been placed solely on females. That’s where the real controversy lies. I’d like to see all states use an ad campaign just like or very similar to this. Well done. It takes two, baby!

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