The Magical Paci Fairy; She Does Exist!

One of the most recent pics with his beloved pacifier
One of the more recent pics with his beloved pacifier

So, here’s how this went down:

Saturday morning, Stinks McGee woke up. After taking him out of the crib, he did what he does most mornings; he bent down on hands and knees, searching for his paci. It often falls out and under the crib. This time, he couldn’t find it. My husband and I looked at one another, reading each other’s thoughts. For a brief moment, I really did think that a magical pacifier fairy had swooped down into my son’s room, and snatched the old rubbery thing from his crib. I knew that even though the scenario was less than likely, we were being presented with an opportunity here, one that couldn’t be passed up. Stinks looked up at me with his beautiful green eyes, and asked, “Where did paci go?” I looked back at him with a solemn expression, smiled gently, and bent down to his level.

“Baby boy, the paci fairy must have come for your paci. See, when you get to be a big boy, the paci fairy wants to share your paci with other kids who still need one. I am certain that’s what happened.”

Taking a picture of himself

No complaints. No tears. No whining. He simply responded with an “okay Mommy” and went along his merry way. Husband and I looked at one another again. Could it be so easy? I mean, we were both dreading this exact moment, which is why we were dragging our feet. Stinks will be 3 at the end of October, and we suspected a full out brawl. Temper tantrums. Nights of sleepless anguish. Could it really be so easy?

Nap time approached. Stinks turns into a little monster when he doesn’t get some shut eye in the afternoon, and I was freaking out. Will he sleep? My heart was hammering in my chest. I had to show no fear, or he’d smell it a mile away. I quickly read a book to Stinks, and did our usual nap time routine. I placed him gently into the crib, tucked him in with his favorite blankie and bid adieu to him. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, HE SLEPT! I could have pinched myself! I pinched my husband instead.


Maybe we got lucky. Bedtime would certainly be the final straw, and yet it wasn’t! Stinks went to bed just fine, and slept through the entire night like the proverbial baby he used to be, when he’d have a paci in his mouth. It went that well all weekend, with a few hiccups here and there (he did ask for paci a few times) but no freak out moments, other than by me. I was walking on eggshells, certain we’d have an utter disaster on our hands, and yet there was no drama. Apparently, Stinks was more than ready to cut the paci umbilical cord.

So, what’s the secret to our success? There are a few things we did leading up to this miraculous event. First, we wouldn’t allow Stinks to walk around with a paci in his mouth at various hours in the day. It was reserved for sleep only. A few weeks ago, my husband thought to delay the paci gratification, by not giving Stinks his crutch right off the bat. Often, it would be minutes after putting him down for his nap, or for bedtime. If Stinks asked for it, my husband would take his sweet time getting it- and Stinks never had the paci readily available. Finally, we jumped on an opportunity when it presented itself. Stinks lost his paci, and couldn’t find it. Instead of him seeing us take the thing away and be the bad guys, he had no choice but to believe that something else had intervened. That meant there were no hard feelings, and I think he appreciated that his paci went to a deserving little kid (although in reality, paci is tucked safe and sound in the keepsake box I have set aside for him).

I am proud of my big boy. I had expected the worst, and there he goes, surprising me like he always manages to. I’m also proud of my husband and I. We didn’t let ’em see us sweat, and presented with a united front. Gold stars for all of us!

Now, if getting rid of the paci was the easiest hurdle, just imagine what may come from potty training. Lord help us all.

Father's Day 2012
Father’s Day 2012


Ran 12 miles on Sunday- yes, I’m bragging a bit, but I think it’s a well-deserved brag! For today, I am resting a bit, sticking with the Ab and Squat Challenge I’ve been doing this month. Check out my work out section for more information. Also, check out Fitness Blender! Doing an upper body routine that looks challenging, and fits into my busy schedule.


7 thoughts on “The Magical Paci Fairy; She Does Exist!”

  1. Wow!! How awesome! Our oldest had no trouble letting go of hers when we chose to…I’m hoping against all hope that the second is the same…if not Paci Fairy here we come lol

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