Should I Cut My Hair?

A friend of mine had recently posted a comment onto her Facebook page, regarding Beyonce’s new ‘do.

My friend felt that Beyonce should have left her hair long, and was asking others for their opinion. Looking at the picture above, I have to say that Ms. Sasha Fierce is pullin’ this look off quite nicely. I know from my own experiences that with a short ‘do comes attitude, because there’s no hair to hide  behind. You have to own what you’ve got, and this can make you feel powerful. Short hair always makes me feel tough.

My friend also cited how most men prefer women with long hair, because it’s seen as “feminine”. This is something  I’ve mentioned to my husband, when it’s time for the next hair appointment. Should I cut my hair? Should I leave it long? What do you think? While I’m a huge supporter of doing what you want with your hair (I mean, it is YOUR hair), I’d be lying if I said his input didn’t matter. If I’m looking to be attractive for someone other than myself, the next logical choice would be the ‘ol ball in chain, right? He always says, “Your hair looks great no matter what length it is” which translated means “I’m not falling for that trap; it’s like asking, ‘do I look fat in this?’ and I don’t want to get into trouble.” Can you blame him?

So, while I appreciate my long locks, I also appreciate the short ‘do’s I’ve had in the past. I have a hair appointment scheduled for Wednesday, and I waver back and forth between cutting it short, or leaving it long. I know, such a crisis, right? (I need a life). Bottom line: I don’t think it matters if your hair is short or long- either look can be feminine, and what matters most is how you feel wearing it, but that’s my own opinion. However, I’d like your opinion, an honest perspective.

Here I am with long hair:


Here I am with short hair:



So, what do you think? Should I cut it short, or leave it long? Do you think long hair is more feminine? What is your preference when it comes to hairstyles?


Getting into those double digits. Ran 10 miles today (and it was rough going). Going to do the squat challenge for today, day 11, a little later- once I’ve got feeling back in my legs.



5 thoughts on “Should I Cut My Hair?”

  1. I think Beyonce looks great with her short hair! I totally get what you’re saying. You want to be attractive to your spouse. I was recently going to chop my hair off again (it’s making me nuts) but my hubs said he loved it long. I told him I’ll give him a few more months with long hair before I make a final decision. I love your hair both ways, it looks super silky (I wish my hair did). i actually like your hair short the best. It’s super sassy and feminine. Full of personality.

  2. You have an adorable heart shaped face and could pull off anything, even a pixie! I’m jealous my fave is too long for that. But of the examples you gave, the medium length/shoulder length looks awesome on you!!

    1. Thanks Liz! 🙂 I decided to keep my long hair this go around, but will grow my bangs out a bit and cut my hair short next year- I hope to have the courage up to do the style I’ve wanted for over 5 years, lol.

  3. Long! Beyonce totally lost her hott when she shed her locks, and I think she concurs, since the extensions have returned. I agree with your husband.

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