Might As Well Jump, JUMP! Into the 80’s

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For this week, Melissa’s topic choice is: The 80’s

I was born in ’78. My childhood was the 80’s, so even when I see old relics that make me cringe (leg warmers, Aqua Net and neon everything, to name a few) I will always have a special place in my heart for the decade. It wasn’t all bad, you know. Here’s a list of what I think is kick ass about the 80’s! Long live hair bands, boom boxes and jelly shoes, baby!

My sister and I, circa 1983. Notice the bowl cuts. That hairstyle was not kick ass.
My sister and I, circa 1983. Notice the bowl cuts. That hairstyle was not kick ass.

No list for the 80’s would be complete without Madonna.

Yeah, she’s still a force to be reckoned with, but it was the 80’s that cultivated her into stardom, and made her a household name. One of my favorites, from 1987:

You know you wore a pair of these, don’t deny it.

No neon-inspired outfit was complete without a pair of L.A. Gear high tops, baby. Throw on these:

yes, those are zippers at the ankles
totally tubular

with this:

and you had it made.

One of my favorite movies.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was the best movie, ever. It taught us to be excellent to one another, and to air guitar like it’s no one’s business! Wyld Stallyns!

Rubik’s Cube.

Still can’t figure this thing out.

Mix tapes.

It meant everything, when the one you loved gave you a mix tape. Sure, you had to forward and reverse to get to the “good songs” when they weren’t around to see you do it, but that was all right. It was a small price to pay when you were in love.

Cabbage Patch Kids.

I was obsessed with mine. He looked just like this one, and I named him Ryan. He went everywhere with me.

Garbage Pail Kids.

I still have a few of these in an album somewhere.


I remember seeing the movie for the first time. I was 9, and found an instant connection with Jennifer Connelly (Sarah), since we shared the same name. I still sing “Magic Dance” to my boys on occasion.

Teddy Ruxpin.

“Hi, my name is Teddy Ruxpin. Can you and I be friends?” Um, yes, please!

Fraggle Rock.

So rad!

Barbie and the Rockers.

Of course I had Barbie, and I still remember the song, “Born With A Mic In Our Hands”. Pinky swear.

The Breakfast Club.

The best movie. Totally. “How come Andrew gets to get up? If he gets up, we’ll all get up… it will be ANARCHY!” I mean, you can’t get better than that, and Judd Nelson was HOT.

Jelly Bracelets.

Remember wearing a ton of these on your arm, or folding them together so they’d connect?

The Goonies.

I’m proud to say, I saw this when it first hit the theatres in 1985. I was a mature 7, and could totally handle the swear words (there’s only a few. Damn.)

Ponytails on the side of your head.

Hey, it’s Suzanne Somers!

Anything by Judy Blume, or Beverly Cleary.

“Where’s the Beef?” Commercials.

That was HUGE. I remember I went to the Oregon State Fair one year, and I was sitting on a scary ride called The Zipper.

I was high in the air, yet nothing was happening. I yelled out, “Where’s the beef!” and I am assuming the man in charge of the ride heard me. The Zipper kicked into high gear, and I nearly pissed myself.


For today’s workout, I did an hour of Hatha yoga, the ab challenge for today, day 8, and I also did some strength training here at home. Gearing up for a 6 mile run tomorrow!

What kick ass memories do you have from the 80’s?


7 thoughts on “Might As Well Jump, JUMP! Into the 80’s”

  1. I LOVE your list!!! I had zipper jeans and loved wearing them. “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” was hilarious. (Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy!) I collected Garbage Pail Kids too. 🙂 I remember watching “Labyrinth” 2 days in a row because I liked it so much. (I don’t like the girl who first showed me that movie though, but that’s another story.) LOL about the Barbie and the Rockers song. I had both versions of B & the Rockers. They had one set with wild curly hair and one set with sleek straight hair. I think Ken looked the same for both though. Why didn’t Derek get real hair but Ken did?!?
    There’s a song in “Avenue Q” called “Mix Tape.” I love it. Check it out sometime if you can find it online.
    Grinning about jelly bracelets, “Fraggle Rock” and “Where’s the Beef.” 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! I love the 80s and flashbacks to the 80s! What about Gem and the Holograms! And slap bracelets, and those disc thingies you put on your t-shirts to give it that tail. Why can’t I remember what it’s called? We used to wear multiple socks, two different colors and stacked on top of each other. Lisa Frank! Collecting erasers. I love love all the ones you put up there! Bill and Ted! The Goonies! It’s our time down here! Oh, what about Troop Beverly Hills. The Babysitters Club and NKOTB! That’s hilarious that you nearly wet yourself on the zipper ride. ha ha ha.

    1. Yes! Those disc clip things that would clip your shirt up so it had a tail, I remember those! Troop Beverly Hills was the bomb! LOL! And of course The Babysitter’s Club and NKOTB! Those are good ones!!! Oh yes, I did. And that was in the 80’s!!!! LOL!!!!

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