Life Imitating Ally McBeal. Life Is Dumber.

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For this week, I chose: Do you think women should be fired for being too attractive? In Iowa, it’s the law.

Over a decade ago, one of my favorite television shows had been Ally McBeal. I never missed an episode. I remember the one where a woman was fired due to her attractiveness (a jealous co-worker was to blame). Even in my early 20’s, I doubted the relevance and was certain that no one could be fired due to how they looked. Sure, a woman clocks into her 9-5 wearing inappropriate work attire (nipples showing, crotchless panties, naked), a pink slip is sure to follow. Yet, a woman walking the straight and narrow, following the rules, and being punished due to her genetics? Now that’s just crazy talk! It wasn’t though. If I am remembering correctly, the poor girl had sued her former employer for unlawful firing, and the the jury decided the firing was acceptable. I was outraged and frankly, a little pissed off.

Now, this was TV LAND. Fiction. It would never happen in real life.

Did you read the article? If not, read it.

It’s ridiculous, on so many levels. Let’s start with genetics. The woman in Iowa (and the rest of the male and female population on Earth) are born looking the way they do. We can go in and get a nip and tuck, if we’d like to change our appearance, but our bone structure and  facial shape have already been determined. Some of us are in better shape physically. Genetics determine whether having a tight ass and flat stomach comes easy, or if a person has to work really hard to attain those attributes. Overall though, the way we look is the way we look.

Now, let’s talk about attractiveness. Whose to say what’s attractive? My husband and I debate over whether certain famous ladies are hot, or not. Sometimes I point to a woman and say, “she’s really pretty”, and he pretends to gag himself with a spoon. Other times, he tells me, “she’s hot” and I roll my eyes in displeasure. We obviously don’t have the same ideas when it comes to attractiveness. I think Mark Wahlberg is hot, but you won’t hear my husband stake a claim to that. Maybe that’s not the best example. My husband is a straight man, but even straight men can’t deny Wahlberg’s hotness! Bottom line: It’s different for everyone. What’s the standard for attractiveness? What’s hot, and what’s not?

What about this woman in particular? From what I’ve read, she was an outstanding employee. She did not dress to gain attention. The man who fired her made comments that were entirely inappropriate. You won’t see them in this article, but I’ve read about the “bulge in his pants” when she would walk by. He also makes a comment comparing this woman to a sports car. If she’s not having sex, it’s like owning a hot sports car and not being able to take it out for a test drive. HELLO! Is it any wonder the man’s wife wanted the hot co-worker fired? She’s married to an ass. However, the issues they have in their marriage (obviously, there are a few, and they should seek counseling) shouldn’t be deflected onto the attractive co-worker, who did nothing wrong. Also, does this mean that the husband must now choose what his wife deems a “suitable” co-worker? Does she discriminate based on how someone physically appears, and as long as they aren’t more attractive than she is, it’s okay? What’s this mean for future hires? Man, talk about insecurity issues.

Interesting. It was an all male jury. Well, don’t get comfortable, gentlemen. You think you are exempt from this? If a woman can have her husband fire an attractive co-worker, you bet your bottom dollar there’s another loony out there just waiting for his wife to let go of some hot male counterpart.

Pray no one finds YOU attractive.

So, what do you think? Do you think a woman (or man) should be fired due to being “too attractive”?


For today’s workout, I ran 4.5 miles in 47:18, and I stuck with the squat challenge with 50 squats, as well as the ab work for today’s ab challenge. Take a look at the calendars, and join me!

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6 thoughts on “Life Imitating Ally McBeal. Life Is Dumber.”

  1. I loved reading your thoughts on this. So true that it could swing the other way one of these days. I think the best irony would be if the wife made the husband hire someone uglier than she is and then he fell in love with the new hire and left her. BURN!!!!
    Anyway, that episode of Ally McBeal sounds vaguely familiar. I used to love that show too and now the theme song is in my head.

    1. I didn’t think of that! But really, it could happen! It’s like putting a band aid on the issue, not fixing the problem! LOL that’s funny about the theme song. “I’ve been down this road….” 😉

  2. Completely unjust!

    I thought about the male being fired and the situation reversed but left it out because historically it’s been women who have had to fight tooth and nail for everything in this country! I really hope they can get a hearing at the US Supreme court on this issue and appeal this horrible decision.

    1. By the way, it’s not the ‘law’ in Iowa, it never was a bill introduced into the legislature and ratified to become law, nor voted on. It was one case that went to Iowa State Supreme Court to be heard and decided upon which does not make it ‘law’ at this point. Just a really bad decision by the Iowa State Supreme Court. However, this is where many laws start, if enough people contact their state representatives with outrage, this is the starting point to being the process of making a law to address this. Just want to keep the record straight is all. 🙂

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