My First Ever Guest Blog Post

Ready to train for your first 5K? Give this a read!

Thanks so much to Liv, Laugh, Love, for giving me the opportunity to guest blog!


July Blogger Challenge– #27: Share your goals. 

I’ll admit it: I  had no real goals when I first embarked on my blogging journey. I imagine that most of us start up a blog for the sole purpose of writing, and for a long time, no one looks beyond that. I was talking with a friend of mine the other day regarding this very topic. She’s new to the blogging world and she told me: “I write for me.”

I remember feeling that way. I wanted to share my voice, yet the need to get my thoughts on paper (or computer screen) was a much stronger voice. It was all I needed, and if no one read me, so be it. 

Then I wrote about my health scare last year. I get a ton of hits on that post, as well as comments from others who are going through their own health scares. They appreciate my voice. It’s helped them. Sure, I want to improve my writing skills and make my blog look pretty. If I get more followers, you won’t hear me grumble or complain. I’ll never look a gift horse in the mouth. Those things fall a distant second though to making people feel better, whether giving an honest point of view, making someone laugh, or writing something that can be identified with.

So, that’s the big goal for me. Helping others.  If you have a blog, what are your goals?


For today’s workout, I was at 5 miles for training, at 49:37



4 thoughts on “My First Ever Guest Blog Post”

  1. I started off with the goal of sharing our adventures but since I’ve started I’ve made some real connections and I’ve been helping others with the little that I’ve known since blogging. Whether it’s by contacting companies or just what advice I’ve gotten from others, I’ve shared it along. Guess it’s all about helping others and not being selfish. 🙂

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