This Is Sara’s Arrested Development

July Blogger Challenge– #22: Write about something in today’s pop culture.

When Arrested Development first hit the t.v. scene, I was 25 and had a really hard time following it. If you’ve watched the show, you know just how intricate in detail the characters/plots/scenes can get. I don’t think I was mature enough, back in 2003.

Thank God I’ve grown up.

My husband convinced me to watch Arrested (and did his obligatory “have I ever steered you wrong with a show?” speech) and I have to admit, I was arrested. We watched from the very first pilot episode, and have completely finished all the seasons, including season 4, which filmed 7 years after the last episode had wrapped up in 2006.

Just the other night, after finishing the last episode in season 4, I told my husband that I felt much more equipped to handle Arrested. I equated the show with a clever game of chess. You never know which direction the players (characters) will go. Not to mention the many subplots you can get lost in. At times it’s a tangled web, but it’s fun to get stuck for a while, figuring it all out. A great work out for the imagination.

Some of my favorite things:

1. Tobias and his never nude affliction:

2. The theme songs from Charlie Brown and The Graduate, depicting how they’re feeling (or reflecting):

3. Gene Parmesan:

4. George Michael and his Star Wars tape:

5. Who’s Ann?

George Michael’s first girlfriend, Ann, turns out to be a real wallflower, and no one seems to know she’s around even when she’s around.

6. The literal doctor:

and the best- 7. The Chicken Dance:

My husband  is on a winning streak here, and gets to continue his “have I steered you wrong” campaign. If you’ve got Netflix (Hulu can hook you up, too) why don’t you give Arrested a shot?

Tobias Fünke: Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over – an analyst and a therapist. The world’s first analrapist.

If you are into Arrested, what are some of your favorites from the show? 


For my workout today, I ran 7 miles in 1:11:16. Gotta keep plugging along, if I’m going to be ready for the Kansas City marathon in October!


5 thoughts on “This Is Sara’s Arrested Development”

  1. I love when Lucille gets surprised by Gene Parmesean and she screams. Classic!!!
    Here’s a post I wrote about AD a while ago:
    Season 4 was dragging for us, but do you think it’s worth watching the whole way through?
    Today’s topic idea sounds fun. I love pop culture! I’d have a hard time narrowing a post like that down, but it would probably end up being about “Full House,” thanks to Jesse and the Rippers being on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night. 🙂

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