No Weights? No Gym? No Problem.

I don’t belong to a gym. I’ve recently become a “free agent”, and I’ve been getting back to the simple life- before memberships, scheduled class times and having to share equipment with others. Don’t get me wrong. When I belonged to a gym, I enjoyed it. I’m just in a phase where I have to find something new, or in this case, bring back the old so it’s new again.

I know there are those of you out there who can’t _____________ (find the time, afford it, stand being around other people and having them see you when you work out, find a sitter for the kids, fathom driving far to work out) and I don’t blame you. It’s all relevant and should be taken into consideration. Gyms certainly have their place, but don’t become discouraged if you can’t, or won’t belong to one. A work out can be achieved in the comfort of your own home, and all you need is YOU. I’m going to show you some routines you can do while watching t.v., or while the kids play. You don’t need much time, and any of these moves can be broken out in smaller increments in the day. Whatever works best. My boys are watching a movie right now ( thank you Netflix) so I’ll get started over here. Change into something you can work out in, grab some water, and do these with me!

Run/Jog/Walk in place for one minute. Do what you can. Get those knees up high.

Squat jacks. Do for 30-60 seconds.

Shape Magazine

Traveling push ups. You can be on your knees. Perform a push up, than move two spots over to the right. Do another push up, than move two spots over to the left. Repeat, and do for 60 seconds.

Ankle touches: Lie on your back, legs up like a tabletop. Crunch up, touching each opposite ankle. Keep rotating and do for 60 seconds.

Hop ups: While squatting, make little jumping movements. Do this for 60 seconds.


Tricep dips: I use an ottoman, but you can use a chair or whatever else in your home that works. Dip down, and do for 60 seconds.

Plank: Hold for 60 seconds. Arms can be straight, or bent down so you are close to the ground. For an added bonus, bring your knees into your chest. Since you’re already down there…

Mountain climbers: Do for 60 seconds.

Men’s Health

Curtsy squat: Get into a curtsy position, then kick your leg out to the side. Do this 30 seconds on each side.

Side plank with arm dips: Getting into a side plank position, hold. Then, dip the extended arm down under you, and back up. Do one side for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat for 30 seconds more.

Shape Magazine

We’ll put the Cherry on Top on this workout, with burpees. Bust them out for 60 seconds! For an added bonus, you can jump up as high as you can and clap before getting back down on the floor.

expert clinic

You can go through these once and get a pretty nice workout. If you want more, go through this 2-3 more times for added effect. Go in reverse if you’d like.

Do you have any workouts you enjoy doing at home, that you’d care to share with me and my readers? I’d love suggestions!





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