Games- An Eight Year Old’s Perspective

July Blogger Challenge– #16: Games. Write about it.

I’m no gamer. I know I’ve blogged in the past about being a borderline geek, yet this does not apply to anything game-related. The only exception: Super Mario Brothers. And board games. I’m into old-fashioned means of entertainment (I still prefer real books over e-readers, and I always will. Go real books!)

I’ve decided to consult with an expert in this particular field, so I’ve asked my son to assist me. Readers, this is my son. We’ll call him “Bug”, which is one of his many nicknames. Bug, say hello to my readers.

Hello everybody!
Hello everybody!

Bug is sitting right next to me, bouncing around on one of those large stability balls that everyone has around the house, but never uses. That would be the case in my home as well, although he’s getting good use out of it. Hopefully it keeps him entertained for a few minutes, while I ask the questions.

Mom: You ready, Bug?

Bug: Um, you mean like games?

Well, I need to start asking questions on what you think of games. What’s the first thing you think of, when I say the word, “games”?

I think of board games, video games. 

Is that it?


What’s your favorite game of all time?

Hmm… (ponders). Torchlight 2.


It’s fun. It’s like a challenging game. You have to avoid being killed. You can buy stuff, you trade stuff, wait no, no, don’t do that. YOU DON’T TRADE! You spend money on good weapons in order to enchant them. You fight bosses and bad guys. 

Is this a violent game? You know how I feel about violent games. (Mental note: talk to my husband, the king of all gamers)

It’s only a little, like 1%. 

What are some other games you love to play?

Portal 2.

That one sounds pretty violent too.

Nope, you don’t fight. All you do is test chambers. Test chambers are these things where you have to, um, pass a test. And there’s all kinds of stuff. There’s cubes you have to put on buttons, there’s bosses you have to destroy with bombs. It’s really cool fun.

Uh-huh. (not convinced)  Moving on… any other games you enjoy?


Tell me about it.

There’s mods, there’s this really cool one called Divine RPG. It adds all these new bosses to fight, over 14, and over 150 new mobs. Mods are things that add into the game to make the game more fun, and mobs are things you fight.

Don’t you get bored at how blocky everything looks on Minecraft?

I’m getting kind of bored with the way the over world looks, but  I am going to Iceika and Vethea. Iceika is a gigantic frozen world, with new enemies and villagers. Vethea is a player’s dream, and has four levels, and new mobs, and lots of harder bosses. Four levels is like, if you dig up a lot, you get to the 2nd level, and if you dig on the 2nd level, you get to the 3rd. When you get to the 4th level, you fight the hardest boss Spinarus. 

What about board games?

I would think that my favorite board game is Hero Quest. It’s like, you have to attack and defend and it’s just really fun, like with Orcs, Goblins, and Chaos Warriors, Fimirs. Fimirs are like these things that have very strong hands and the other hand they hold a battle axe, and they have a shield on their stomach. It has a big tail with a club on it.

What about some other games?

You mean board games? Okay. Let me go and check, I will be right back!

(I wait patiently, while he scopes out the board games we have)

Okay. I’m back. And one my other favorites is, the game of Life. It’s really fun, because like, you can move around and try to get to the end. And I like Clue. It’s really fun, you just have to like, solve the mystery, and I like mysteries.

Do you like to play any games outside?

I like to play on the trampoline, play with my friends, play Nerf with them. It’s just really fun. Mommy, how much longer?

That’s my cue. This concludes our interview with the expert gamer, Bug. Thank you Bug, for your participation. I really appreciate it.

Okay, okay, so can I have the computer now?

Bug picked this Minecraft image



2 thoughts on “Games- An Eight Year Old’s Perspective”

  1. it is so cute that you interviewed your son! and i will always be a board game and real book fan myself, too! and isn’t it shocking that life and clue are still popular?

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