Sick? Give It A Rest!

July Blogger Challenge– #15: Show your love for other bloggers. Give a comment on at least ten new blogs that you don’t ordinarily follow. I’ve already done a few today, and I’ll keep on it for the rest of the day. What a great way to make new friends in the blogging world!


For the past few days now, I’ve been having some serious aches and pains. I thought that I’d been neglectful in my stretching, yet no amount seemed to help to lessen the nearly crippling joint pain I’ve been dealing with. I still pressed on with my workouts, sticking to my marathon schedule and adding some strength training to the mix. Last night though, my stomach had other plans, and today? Well, let’s just say that if I want to avoid this sort of situation:

I have to refrain from running. It sucks. One of my biggest pet peeves deals with me not having control over my body. I know that I need to run six miles, in order to stay the course with my training. However, pushing my body past it’s limits (especially when I’m sick) is a HUGE no-no. Here’s great information from Prevention re: working out while sick. I try to stick with the neck rule. If you are dealing with anything from the neck up, moderate exercise is just fine, but if it’s the neck down? Make sure you know what you’re doing before you push yourself. You don’t want to cause even more injury to your body, because missing one day of running sucks, but missing weeks can be every runner’s nightmare!


Here’s a workout I did yesterday (which, thinking back, I shouldn’t have due to illness). Go through this rotation twice, at 60 seconds each workout. The third time you go through, gage your intensity. If you can do another 60 seconds, great. If not, drop it to 30 seconds.

Explosive lunges; push up swoops; sit ups; dead lift (I used 30 lb kettle bell; burpees; mountain climbers; plank

explosive lunges

(swooping push ups)


I’ll sign off now with pictures of my cuties from the other day, helping me in the yard. Both boys were jazzed up to help me pull weeds. I know this enthusiasm won’t last, so I’d better take advantage of it as best I can! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be outside today, lying in the backyard, reading a book and taking in some sunshine therapy. Have a great day!




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