It’s Like A Heat Wave!

July Blogger Challenge– #13: Write about something HOT.

Man. my mind went groping in a few different directions!

Is it just me, or is it burning up in here???? Let’s allow Mark Wahlberg to get us started!

After this initial reaction, I was reminded of my morning runs lately. Nebraska is never kind in the summer. Even when it’s in the 70’s, it’s horribly HUMID. I mean, my Lord. You feel as though you are walking into the steam created by a shower that’s been running for hours. (If you want to imagine Wahlberg in that shower with you, by all means. It could make it more bearable.) Sometimes, it’s hard to breathe. The humidity makes the day feel as though it’s degrees hotter, and you end up looking like this:

Let’s see, what else is hot… I think about whatever’s “in the now” in today’s pop culture. I have to tell you, when it comes to “what’s hot” for clothing, I’m a little bummed out. I had to return some items this morning to popular clothing stores, and the look right now seems to be bright pink, orange and lemon-lime. Was I hanging in Grandma’s closet? It was sherbet, and I wasn’t feeling it. If that’s what’s hot, count me out.

I’ll leave you with a post I did a while back, regarding my review of Magic MikeI feel it fits in quite nicely with the topic for today. Enjoy!


Four miles today, in the heat. 41:37


2 thoughts on “It’s Like A Heat Wave!”

  1. i can identify with that soaking pet! that’s how i’ll look in about 45 minutes after i jog. ug. oh, nebraska, how you torture us. lol. but mark is a pleasant surprise. and unlike you, sherbert colors are my friends. 🙂 guess i like hot. lol. great post!

    1. I guess I’m the only one who isn’t fond of the sherbet! lol! You aren’t the only one who dug the dress. I need to revisit my sense of fashion, and what’s hot! 🙂

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