When I Was 35….

I remember a time when anyone in their 30’s were old.

That’s me, only I don’t feel old. I mean, there are days where I feel bogged down, tired, and worn out, but I blame the kids for that.

I’ve entered a new age bracket when I fill out questionnaires.  Just two days ago, I could make an X next to “age 29-34”. Now, I have to mark the box underneath, the one that says “35-40”.

People have told me I’d wake up at 35, suddenly sore and in pain with new aches I had never noticed before. I don’t have that yet. I still feel pretty much the same way I did at 34.

I don’t notice any new fine lines or wrinkles. Nothing has gone further South. No new corns or bunions on my feet. Remarkably, I still don’t have a single gray hair on my head (thanks Mom and Dad, for being late grayers). I thought for sure I’d see one of those suckers yesterday, when I officially turned 35.

So far, it’s going just fine over here.

Me, at 35
Me, at 35


Want to stay youthful: mind, body and in spirit? Not to sound like a broken record here, but EXERCISE is the key. It makes you feel good, inside and out. Read the many studies and reports on line. Google it. You’ll find out that there is a science behind the need for exercise, and how it can make you younger on a cellular level. It always makes me think of this image:

For today’s workout, I ran 3 miles in 26:52, and I did a kettlebell workout with the new 30lb kettlebell I got as a birthday present.


One thought on “When I Was 35….”

  1. I hope I feel the way I do when I am 35! (It’s not too far away!) I feel better now than I did at 28 though. Exercise and eating right works!

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