My Top Ten Worst Fashion Mistakes. Ever.

Blog Challenge #2: Write a top ten list. It can be about anything.

Yesterday (and I have no idea where this memory came from) I was reminiscing about the good old days, namely the 90’s. I was a teenager, and amidst my heavy Nirvana and flannel shirt wearing phases, I recalled the fantastic pair of jellies I wore, and was relaying that bit of information to my husband. My husband wrinkled up his nose in disgust, telling me: “Jellies from the 90’s are like the Crocs of today.”

Man, that said it all.

So, this made me think about my worst fashion mistakes, starting with:


Say it ain’t so? How could these unique shoes be considered a fashion faux pas? I guess anything you wore when you were 6, shouldn’t be worn again when you are 16. Which is exactly what I did, and requested a pair of these babies for my Sweet Sixteen. Dad was more than happy to oblige, and the shoes ended up in a Goodwill store a couple of years later. You live, you learn.



#9. Overalls

This is high on my list, because I will always have a secret love affair with my overalls. I wore them in high school, and it carried me through to my mid-20’s. Oh, how I loved the comfort, and the ease of which I dressed myself. Of course, I made it a point to buy ones that were 8 sizes TOO BIG, and I was lost within miles and miles of denim. I had no shape, so I would make sure to wear tiny tank tops underneath the overalls, so you could tell I was female.

Me and Tank
Me and Tank

#8. Uncontrollable Bangs

I had no clue how to style my hair when I was a kid. I never got a hair cut with a professional, and often times, I’d cut my own hair or ask a friend to do it for me. This is a hack job gone wrong, and I didn’t know how to fix it, so I did the next best thing. I didn’t do a DAMN THING.  I was 15 in this picture. My cowlicks are out of control!



#7. The day I wore a see-through dress with no slip under it

Read all about it 

#6. The Saturday Sweater

Listen, I loved this sweater. I loved it so much I wore it EVERY SATURDAY, and my co-workers labelled it as “the Saturday sweater”, and even though it made me look a tad chubby, and wasn’t a very flattering cut, I wore it anyway. This sweater though will always hold a special place in my heart. It reminds me of the good times, my youth, and good friends.



#5. The day I wore the sheet as a toga, and it slipped off

What does it take to see a full moon during a toga party? Get a girl who has been drinking, and put a sheet on her with nothing on underneath but thong underwear. Good times.

Not my finest moment
Not my finest moment

#4. The sailor dress

I absolutely hated this dress. If I could have burned it, I would have- even at the sweet young age of 8! Do you see that smile? Entirely fake.

My sister of course looks adorable.
My sister of course looks adorable.

#3. Dressing up like Charlie’s Angels

Our boss was named Charlie, so we decided to dress as his Angels one year, for Halloween. Really, I don’t think the picture should be on this list, because I think my friend and I look BAD ASS. However, what’s not bad ass: that I would wear this outfit past Halloween. I’d pair the shirt with some jeans, or the pants with a different shirt. It took a friend’s tough love to encourage me to drop this outfit back off at Goodwill, where I originally found it. I kept the sunglasses, though. Those are COOL.

We've even got feathered hair!
We’ve even got feathered hair!

#2. Wearing anything skin-tight

When it looks as though you are 10 lbs. of potatoes shoved into a 5 lb. bag, that’s probably not a good look. I didn’t care, though. I think most of us in our youth thought the tighter, the better, and I did it. It didn’t matter that I had rolls hanging over my jeans, or my thighs were practically busting out at the seams. I am so glad I grew out of that phase and I wear clothes that FEEL good. I can’t even imagine putting on skin-tight jeans or a dress that makes me feel trapped and sucked in. (Now where are those overalls?)

This cracks me up… DUDES do it!

and the number #1 mistake I have ever made in my life (and I can’t believe I am owning up to it) is…..

#1. Wearing a night cap around school and around town as a fashion piece

Mine only resembled this one. In fact, I can’t find one on the internet that looks just like the one I owned. My guess is, no one else wants to own up to wearing the hat.

It was long, striped with reds, greens and yellows. It fit snugly on my head, tied at the bottom. I bought it in a Nordstrom’s store in my home town (as though the store would = good fashion). I guess I thought so, because I wore that hat ALL THE TIME, even in the summer. So much so, that in the high school year book from 1994, there is a picture of me wearing that damn hat, and I look RIDICULOUS. Adding salt to the wound? The photo was shown again at my ten year reunion during a slide show presentation. I have no recollection as to where any of my high school year books have gone to (convenient) so I can’t show you a picture of me in the hat, but trust me. It was pretty embarrassing.


Work out for today: I ran 3 miles in 29:33 minutes. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, after cutting back a ton on my running. I’m training for the Kansas City marathon (in October), so I need to be prepared.

I also combined some strength training moves after the run. It’s more than easy to throw in some push ups, sit ups, lunges and squats- and it can be done anywhere. Do what works for you. I just do a rotation of those 4 movements, and do each movement for 60 seconds. You can always decrease or increase how long you do those, based on your physical capabilities. Then I repeat the process. And keep rotating if time (and my body) permits.



6 thoughts on “My Top Ten Worst Fashion Mistakes. Ever.”

  1. LOL!!! What is the point of a nightcap anyway? Like who wears a hat to sleep?
    I used to wear overalls all the time. I think I sent you pics of myself in them.

    1. I know!!! I just wore mine all in the name of fashion! What was I thinking??? Yes, I remember the pics of you in the overalls. We could have been twins! I have to admit- I’d love for those to come back into fashion. They were so great!

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