Camp Nanowrimo and a Blog Challenge

Roughly 6 months ago, a good friend of mine passed away from Stage IV Cancer.  (You can read about Jill Erin here). I felt devastated, depressed and incredibly lost. I haven’t been exposed to much death in my life, and I took it hard.

I also felt inspired. See, I’ve always wanted to write a book. It’s been on my bucket list for years, my magnum opus. I first put pen to paper (more like keyboard to computer screen) a decade ago, and I never finished it. I participated in a Nanowrimo challenge in November last year, and while I completed the novel, it’s still far from finished. I’ve been cleaning it up, making it more novel, less mangled sentences shoved together.

When Jill Erin passed away, I felt this drive within me, and it wasn’t for the novel I’d recently finished. I had this drive to write about something else, another idea I’d had inside me for a few years and something I’d mentioned to Jill Erin once in passing. She told me she’d want to look it over for me, and we both knew she’d give me her honest opinion. She may not be here to run a red pen through words that don’t belong in my book, but I know she’s watching out for me in spirit, and I know I need to get the ball rolling on it.

And that’s where Camp Nanowrimo comes into play. For the whole month of July, I’ll be writing. The last time I did this, I was writing over 1000 words a day, and I am fairly certain I’ll be repeating that routine. This is for Jill Erin, and for our close friends and loved ones. In some ways, this will also be HER magnum opus.

And now,  Liv, Laugh, Love– an awesome blog that is offering a July  challenge to us bloggers out there: writing a post daily, for the entire month of July. Check out the link and see if it’s something you’d like to be a part of! I’m participating- starting with the 1st challenge: Updating our “About Me” portion of our blog, which you can see here. A mutual friend of ours introduced us on Facebook, and we’ve read each other’s posts ever since. This is a great way to motivate yourself when it comes to posting, as well as make new connections with other bloggers out there. A total win-win!


Today’s workout:

The deck of cards workout:

A- 20 squat twists

K- 20 mountain climbers

Q- 20 lunges

J- 20 sliders

Hearts- Burpees

Diamonds- Push Ups

Clubs- 3 point lunges (lunge out in front, to the side, then behind)

Spades- diamond push ups

Draw the card from the deck, and do as it says! Go as quickly as you can- it’s a great work out!




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