Walking A Mile in Geek’s Shoes

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Earlier this week, as my boys were circling me with their screams and bickering, I had an image appear in my mind’s eye.  After the 5th attempt at separating my rambunctious crew, I pictured my man sitting behind a computer desk, watching some geek video on Youtube or having a conversation about the show Game of Thrones with his coworkers. What was his day like? While I’m over here changing poopy diapers and wiping a snotty nose, what was he doing?

This led me to this week’s topic: Trade places with someone for a day. Tell us what it was like to be in their shoes, to view the world through their eyes. Did you learn something from the experience?

So, I am now in my husband’s shoes. Take it away, Sara in Kevin’s shoes!




Hi there. I’ll be walking you through a day in my life, starting bright and early at 5:30am. That’s roughly the time I wake up. Not because I want to, mind you. My wife forces me to work out with her some mornings, and here is how I feel about that: Appreciated. Tired. Healthy. Frustrated. Good. Bad. After the work out, I have to eat something quick, and this usually means a bowl of cereal with just a smidge of milk. I’m not much of a milk drinker. If the boys are awake, sometimes I will make waffles and/or eggs. I can’t say no to those waffles, or my toddler’s cry for “juice, juice!” After breakfast, I hop in the shower and I get ready for work. Somewhere in there, I fall into a strange time and space continuum, where no matter what time I shower and get dressed, I am still a few minutes late walking out the door. I don’t know where the time goes, but it goes somewhere!

When I pull my car out of the garage and down our driveway, I always look to see if my toddler is waving at me out the front window. Sometimes he is, other times he isn’t, but it’s what I do. While I drive the 40 minutes it takes to get to work, I’m either talking on the phone with my wife (she’s quite the talker) or I am listening to pod casts. They are almost always tech related. TWIT. Batman (that’s Kevin Smith of Mall Rats, Chasing Amy and Clerks fame). Other times, I’ll listen to my book club,  Sword and Laser.

When I get to work, I check my e-mail. I check to see what sort of work tickets are waiting for me, and I will shoot the shit with my co-workers. The guys I work with are all nerdy, like me. They are more than just co-workers- they are my friends. One guy flips me off at least once a day. Another guy talks my ear off. At least every other day, another friend will throw something at me, and it’s usually a cardboard coaster from a restaurant somewhere. Eventually, we all settle down and get to work on whatever projects we have going on. When I work, I do a combination of writing web applications and reports. Sounds exciting, right? For me, it is. In order to deal with my job though, constant breaks are in order. Why, you might ask? Good question. Imagine you are in the middle of a math final in high school. You have two hours to complete the final, and you are just sitting there with nothing more than math equations bombarding your brain. When you are done, you are literally exhausted. You wonder why the hell you are so tired, when all you did was answer questions. Well, that’s how I feel when I am working in front of a computer for hours. My job consists of doing really hard math problems all day, and in order to prevent brain abruption, I need breaks!

So what do I do when I take breaks? I chat with my friends. Surf the web. Reddit. Play Dungeons and Dragons online with my co-workers (I’m the Dungeon Master). My title at work is: Web Developer/Dungeon Master. It’s all terribly nerdy. At times, we get up and walk to the cafeteria in an attempt to stretch our legs. After taking these necessary breaks, it’s back to work!

Lunch time! Wednesday is comic book day with the geeks. We all head out to Hyvee for a bite, then off to the comic book store. I normally won’t purchase anything, but I still go along and see what the store has to offer. The rest of the week, I usually bring something for lunch from home, and eat at my desk. I’ll either keep working (because I love my wife and there are days she asks I come home early so she can do something in the evening, and I can relieve her of the kids) or, I surf the web. I might play some more D&D. I have conversations with my buddies.

After lunch, we go back to work. More computer stuff. Eventually, someone will distract us all and we will get into a conversation. Today’s distraction regarded the word “negative”, and how you pronounce it. That came about because the project I am currently working on is called “Hierarchy”, and we were questioning how you say it. Is it HAIRarchy? HIGHerchy? I asked my group how to pronounce negative, because my wife says it like this: NEIGHative. Everyone agreed it should be NEHgative. This conversation led to other words, like “coupon”.

More work follows. More sitting in front of a computer, beating my head against it, trying to get it to do what I want it to.

Then it’s time to head home! Forty minutes back home, depending on rush hour traffic.

When I arrive home, I greet my wife. She is happy to see me, but very tired. I wrangle up the kids as best as I can. They are extra crazy, and loud.  My wife has usually prepared a dinner for all of us, so we sit down to eat. The kids are happy to see me. My stepson bombards me with questions re:  games we allow him to play on the computer. My toddler always has a hug for me. After dinner, I try to relax a little bit. Sometimes I do dishes. Then it’s bath time for the boys. After they are in bed, I greet my wife, and we make love for hours. I threw that in there because it’s wishful thinking. Sorry. Or I play video games, or my wife and I will watch something on television. Lately, we’ve been watching Arrested Development on Netflix, and we just wrapped up Strip Search from Penny Arcade. My wife recently discovered that she’s a little geeky, too.


My suspicions were pretty correct, regarding what my husband does at work all day. He gets to spend time with friends, have grown-up conversations, and can pursue his interests. I’m not like, jealous or anything….

(I’ve never been a good liar).

In truth, I have gained a better understanding as to WHY he has to release some steam and just chill out. I know that sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time starts to grate on me. Imagine having to do it as your job. I am glad he’s found a great group of friends within his co-workers, and that he gets to have that time away- I can better appreciate what he does, and he understands what I deal with here at home while he’s gone (today’s fun: mud. Everywhere.) Also, I felt loved when he brought up his penchant for eating lunch at his desk, so he can come home from work earlier, thus relieving me and allowing me a breather from time to time. 

Time to take these Sketchers off, and pass them back to Kevin. Maybe he’ll want to try my Converse Chucks on today, and walk in my shoes while wrangling these two rugrats? 




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