The Ceramic Tiger Who Has No Name

We just refer to it as “Tiger”. Maybe an official name would help matters, I can’t say for sure. Tiger used to belong to my husband’s favorite aunt, and we’ve adopted Tiger and accepted it as one of our own.

My toddler is terrified of Tiger, when he notices Tiger. Most of the day he is oblivious, yet there are times he’ll sit on the floor and point accusingly at Tiger, and let out a whiny cry, letting me know he is afraid. It’s reminiscent of “Angry Monkey” from Family Guy:

Only, my toddler doesn’t look angry. He also isn’t bearing any teeth. Or grimacing. Maybe it’s nothing like Angry Monkey.

I wish I could understand where this fear is coming from. His 8-year-old brother likes to stick a hand in Tiger’s opened mouth, and pretend that Tiger is biting him. Could that be it? Or, maybe it’s the way I dress Tiger up for Halloween, and Christmas. Is this having some sort of mental effect on my young son:

Merry Christmas, from me... and from Tiger!
Merry Christmas, from me… and from Tiger!

I guess we’ll never know for sure, and hopefully he’ll outgrow the fear he has for this ceramic decoration. In the meantime, I’m debating on whether I should throw in a Thanksgiving motif into the mix. Dress Tiger up as a turkey?

Oh wow! I did a Google search: “A Tiger Dressed Up As A Turkey” and this is what popped up in Google images!


My work out today consisted of lacing up my running shoes (which I haven’t done in weeks) and hitting barely over 2 miles going slower than I have in years. But it’s OK. I’m back in the game! I will also do some interval/plyo/resistance training while the toddler naps; hopefully he’s not dreaming about ceramic Tigers. Or the Tiger pictured above.




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