My Father, The Spin Instructor

What I’ve done so far, this morning:

A- 40 sit ups

K- 30 skaters

Q- 20 squats

J- 10 kick backs

Hearts- Push ups

Diamonds- Burpees

Clubs- Mountain Climbers

Aces- Plie Squats

Jokers- 50 high knees

Get a deck of cards, shuffle it up real nicely. Then, take the top card, and whatever it says to do, you do it! If you draw the 5 of hearts, you do 5 push ups. 10 of diamonds? 10 burpees. The bigger cards (J-A) don’t go by suit, they go by what they are. I’ve done this work out at my gym before, and have seen it before online. It’s a really great work out, and one you can accomplish pretty quickly if you do it at a faster pace. At my gym, the stakes are much, much higher when it comes to the amount and the movements. This one I tailored for my husband and I this morning, after coming back from vaca to Arizona.

The trip was a good one, as it usually is when we leave the midwest for a place with a much dryer, warmer climate. The triple digits though, that was a killer! Every day the temperature was at least 105, if not higher.

The other killer: my dad’s spin class. See, Dad isn’t just a spin instructor. He takes the outdoors, and brings it into the classroom. He’s done multiple triple digit races and bike runs, so it’s nothing new to him. For someone like me though (and this was roughly my 5th spin class) it was a really intense work out.

We met my parents out in Tucson, AZ- Dad instructs spin at an LA Fitness out there. On an early Saturday morning class, he had around 20 people. That’s pretty astonishing, considering what I’ve seen at other gyms on Saturday mornings. He told me one of his participants drives a very long way, just to go to his class. Also, a paraplegic participated, a friend of his bringing in a special bike that is recumbant, and peddled through the use of his upper body/arms. I could tell how excited and humbled my dad was, having this man in his class.

My dad takes the traditional class, and tosses it out the window. He was pushing us to our limits, getting the resistance to go up as far as it would go, and even beyond that! In the previous spin classes I’ve attended, I’ve never sweated so much, or felt as though I was getting a good enough work out. I could tell that my dad combined plenty of resistance moves along with cardio ones, as we’d work our way up a mountain (figuratively speaking), or back down, slowly. As an added bonus, he asks the participants in the room what resistance they’d like to put on their bikes, and everyone has to do it. That’s roughly 20 changes, and it wasn’t just the resistance, but the speed, the cadence, etc. He let the rest of us choose our own workout, and plenty of people made sure that everyone got a butt kicker that morning!

I say this class was a killer, but I mean that in a good way, honestly. It was one of the highlights of the trip, and getting to spend time with him was definitely an added bonus! He’s a great instructor, and LA Fitness is lucky to have him!

Dad and I



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