A Snake In The Grass

No, not this kind. Although I would have expected to see one this weekend, while beginning Operation Yard.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the term “snake in the grass” used proverbially. Someone said it to me this past weekend while describing the personality of someone they know, and it got me thinking about my own experiences with those who are “snakes in the grass”. People who slither in and seem harmless and beguiling. The older I get and the more years that I notch out onto my own life calendar, the more I try to steer clear from these individuals, and try desperately to not put myself in a position where I become viewed as one. It’s hard to spot them. They blend in well with their surroundings, hiding their fangs deep within. You don’t often know until they strike. It’s just too much drama and a lot of chaos, and I don’t have time for it. So, I’ll continue leaving stones unturned and watch my step as best I can, as a matter of protection and self-preservation.

Now back to Operation Yard- it started off slowly this weekend. I don’t often realize what I’ve signed up for or how big the project is until I’m knee deep in it. Plus, I had a lot going on and it interfered with my yard work. My husband though was awesome, thatching and pulling out the old weeds and nasty thistles that had grown behind our fence line. He worked all weekend. I’ll be working in bits and pieces during the week, pulling weeds and raking old leaves and dealing with whatever else I might find (maybe a snake in the grass?). We’re taking it one day at a time over here.

A work in progress
A work in progress

Just in time for the potential snowfall later this week.


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