Poetry From An 8 Year Old’s Perspective

My son brought home a poetry book from school yesterday- a few:

“My dad was eating at 10:30 at McDonald’s because he was hungry. By Ben”

I’d Rather Be…..

Id’ rather be shown than hid. I’d rather be a grown-up than a kid. I’d rather be nice than afraid. I’d rather be me than an arachnid. I’d rather be a house than a pyramid.

What Will You Find

What will you find at the center of hate? A bully, a sad person, a big war?

What will there be at the heart of a bully? A mad person, a trap, a person crying?

I love them all, but I particularly love that last one.

Changing subjects- I learned a valuable lesson yesterday afternoon. I should have paid heed to this:



That shouldn’t just say, “look like a million bucks”. It should include “FEEL like a million bucks”. I’ve felt a little under the weather this week, so what do I do? I decide to eat some fast food. “Some” is really an understatement. I ate a TON of fast food. Grease. Fat. Deep fried. Why I did this to myself, I don’t know. I know some people eat like this a lot, and I won’t judge. You do what you want. Yet, when you don’t eat like that very often, and you are already feeling a little under, and then throw this type of food into your trap… well, you can imagine. I felt like someone had punched me hard in the gut. I’ve made my husband promise me that he will not let me do that ever again. If he has to tackle me down and restrain me, so be it. This food NEVER makes me feel like a million bucks, not ever!

A friend of mine had some photos of me from a decade ago, and in them are pictures of my friend Jill, who recently passed away in December (4 months today). It’s interesting how you move on with life and yet you still think about this person. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her at least once a day. When she was alive, it was never like that. In recent years we hadn’t seen much of each other, and she cited how it’s just the way life goes, and you just deal with it. When you have kids, families, jobs and what not, it gets hard to stay connected to someone as much as you were able to before you had these added responsibilities. Yet since her passing, I think about her daily. If only I could have had that when she was still here with us, you know? It sounds so cliche when people say, “don’t take someone for granted” but there is so much truth behind it. You just never know. Tell those you love that you love them. Appreciate who (and what) you have in the world. It really only feels like yesterday that we took these photos together (and Jill HATED having her picture taken, but she relented for this one, thank God). I really miss her, my cantakerous friend who I nicknamed “Oscar the Grouch”, and she was cool enough to like that nickname. She was real and was never a bullshitter with me. She didn’t care what people thought and yet she had a very soft and tender heart, and didn’t let everyone see that. I am so glad she let me.





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