My Breakfast Club and other stuff….

I’ve blogged before about my Breakfast Club (click HERE). Three moms, 4 boys (now 5 , a sweet new addition was added recently) and delicious food. We try to get together monthly to discuss everything that’s candid, and real (often times the things we’d never tell our husbands for fear of scaring them away) while the boys play and do their own thing. It’s been such a great event for us, and sadly, one of the Clubbers is moving away soon. Honestly, I don’t even want to think about it, or ever want to find someone to replace her or to fill her shoes at the breakfast table. It’s not common to find great friends and great playmates for your kids, all in one fell swoop, you know? It just sucks. Yes, I’m pouting. What’s the expression, we’ll always have Paris? Well ladies, we will always have Eggy.

A Club meeting is never complete without Eggy (Egg Hashbrown Casserole)

These ladies always give it to me straight. I tend to see the world with blinders on a lot of the time, and they bring me back to reality and don’t ever bullshit me. I really appreciate that. Although I think they lie a little when it comes to my performance when I make Eggy. I think my Eggy turns out a little dry.

Operation Yard will begin this weekend, thanks to the warm weather we’ve been promised here in Nebraska. I won’t believe it yet, though. It feels like the Neverending Winter out here. Nebraska is notorious for crazy weather (last year it was 90 degrees on Easter Sunday) but this is ludicrous. It has snowed 3 weeks in a row out here. In April. Enough already!

cryneSo, provided we have sun and anything above 50 degrees this weekend, you can find us knee-deep in weeds and doggy doo that will need to be picked up. No more snow to hide in, poopy.

The forecast calls for the mid 50’s today, which means I will find a lot of people wearing shorts and tank tops. It never fails, but I won’t be one of them. No, I’m going to put on my running pants, bundle my toddler up, and strap him into a jogging stroller- running to my 2nd grader’s school and bringing his scooter along for the ride. My intention is for all of us to have an incredibly fun time while making the 1.5 mile journey back home. I always think the best and try to steer clear of imagining the worst, but my other attempts at similar experiences have been futile. For all I know, it’s going to start snowing again. Stranger things have happened, believe me.

A snow angel in March? April? I can't even remember, the months blur together
A snow angel in March? April? I can’t even remember, the months blur together



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