For Boston- Our Prayers

I was on Facebook yesterday, and had clicked on a link allowing me access to watch the Boston marathon live. I watched a few minutes, witnessing the 3rd person to cross the finish line, feeling humbled and in awe of this man. The camera moved then to the winners of the race, in both the male and female categories, cheers and thunderous applause filling the screen and my ears.

Not 45 minutes later, bombs.

My first response to something of this magnitude is anger. I’m a runner. Someday, I want to run well enough to qualify for the Boston. It’s a goal of mine, and it would be an amazing achievement. Imagine how those runners felt. Or, how the spectators felt. All anyone wanted to do was either run the race and fulfill a dream, or to support the race by cheering on family members and loved ones. No one deserved this.

Last night I went to a yoga class, and tried to get the day’s tragedy out of my mind and focus on my breathing, or on my movements and postures. I have a feeling that most of us in that room were all thinking about the same thing. So much so, that the instructor said something poignant and beautiful to us before we were released from the class. We were are all seated cross-legged, hands held palm to palm in front of our hearts, eyes closed. She said, “Send out your thoughts and prayers to those who need it today. We are all connected, more than we realize or could ever know, and we should do what we can by radiating a positive, healing light. It’s needed most of all today.”

My anger won’t do anything, but I truly believe my prayers will.

Here is a blog post I read today, which I feel says it best:


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