Cathe’s Boot Camp DVD- My Review

I’ve had this work out DVD for years now- and it’s one I find myself returning to from time to time, when I need a break from the repetitiveness of my usual routine. This is not a beginner’s work out. I can still remember how I felt the first time I attempted to complete the entire jumping jack routine- the 12 airborne jumps was just too much for me to deal with. However, I did what I could and rested when I needed it. You’ll start to notice how far you’ve come when the routine becomes more manageable, and you can increase the size of the weights depending on what you have available. For the squat portion, I’ve even used a kid- putting one of my sons on my shoulders. For the upper body, I’ve done anywhere from 5-10 lbs, using the hand weights I have at home.

I haven’t done this work out in a very long time, so this should be interesting…. but I know how much I enjoy it- and I feel like I get a good work out from it, for sure.

I know the video on my post shows a condensed version of the work out- but I’m going to share some modified moves from this work out so you can do it at home if you don’t have the equipment shown in the video.

(Much thanks to my 2nd grader for taking pictures for me. He said it was fun! I think he enjoyed watching me suffer, LOL)

Barbell squats: I am using 8 lb. weights today on shoulders. 16 singles, and then 4 sets of low ends- 4 count.


Rows with weights: Again, using 8 lb. weights. 16 under grip, 16 over grip.

Static lunges: 15 each side with 8 lb weights on shoulders.

Sit Ups with 8 lb. weight: Reach the weight towards your foot, and do this for as many as you can rotating legs for a minute.


Plie Squats: 8 lb. weights on shoulders. 16 singles, and then 4 sets of low ends- 4 count.


Tricep Dips: For one full minute. I use the ottoman but you can also use a kitchen chair.


Leg presses: I use stairs in my house. Holding an 8 lb. weight in front of you (or whatever you’d like- nothing at all is fine, too) lift up on one leg 2 steps up, for 16 count. Then, switch legs and repeat.


Bicep curls: 8 lb. weights- 2 count for 8; singles for 8; up one, down three for 4.


Side Lunges: Lunge out to the side with a weight- the leg not lunging should be straight as you lung out. Do this for one full minute, rotating legs.


Oblique Twists: With a weight, lean back and go side to side for one full minute.





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