What’s In YOUR Fortune Cookie?

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For this week’s topic, Tracey chose: Do you have a fortune cookie fortune that came true? One you wish would come true? Do you think they are silly? Share your thoughts!

I had a few initial reactions to this week’s blog topic. First, I’m not a big fan of fortune cookies. I don’t mind the words of wisdom hidden inside the hard cookie, I just don’t enjoy the taste or texture of the thing. Whenever we get Chinese, I watch my husband and sons eat theirs with vigor, and I just don’t get it.

Secondly, there’s always the quintessential “in bed” routine that you do with fortune cookies. Corny, but oh so fun! If the fortune inside the cookie says, “You will experience a lifetime of happiness”, you add “in bed” after it.

Lastly, my first husband has a brother. We’ll call him Gary. His family had this ritual of always adding “for Gary” at the end of their fortunes. If you’d ever met Gary, you’d get it. We’d all open our cookies and go around the table, reading aloud. So, “You will experience a lifetime of happiness” was always followed by, “for Gary”. I did this for years, even after my first husband and I were no longer married. It had become a habit!

I am pretty sure I carried a fortune around with me for years, yet I can’t remember what it had said. As for whether any of mine have come true or not? Not that I can recall. I’ve never held much stock in them, but that’s not really the point. The point is to enjoy the cookie, and to enjoy the wisdom that is inside the cookie.

So, guess what I have hidden away in a bread box on my counter? Four fortune cookies!  My husband holds onto them and swears to me he’ll eat them (although I’ve had to throw away a bunch of them over the years). He never knows! I am going to open one right now! Just don’t get mad at me for throwing the cookie away. I can’t eat them.


I will run my hands over the four cookies, using my inner senses to draw me to the one that is meant for me. I ended up picking the cookie located in the upper right hand corner. And, after accidently ripping my fortune (is that bad karma?) here is what I found:

"Every friend joys in your success"
“Every friend joys in your success”

Let me do this right. “Every friend joys in your success…. in bed.” Ok, that one works. Now let’s try, “Every friend joys in your success… for Gary.” That one doesn’t work as well. All kidding aside, I would have to say that this fortune is a fair and correct assessment. I have worked very hard to surround myself with friends who are uplifting, and those who are happy for me when things are going well in my life, and I try my best to reciprocate that for them as well. So, there you have it.

Now, a friend of mine recently posted a picture on Facebook of her own fortune found in a cookie:

How cool is that???
How cool is that???

Considering that is one of her passions in life, and a big dream of hers… I’d say that was the perfect fortune to receive, and I hope it comes true for her!



2 thoughts on “What’s In YOUR Fortune Cookie?”

  1. Sounds like you’ll be taking joy in your friend’s success, if her fortune comes true too.
    Fun post. I like how you picked a random fortune but that it was so fitting. The “For Gary” stuff sounds funny.

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