My Oscar Speech

I absolutely love this week’s topic.

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Melissa’s choice: Make your “Oscar” speech. Thank someone (can be as many people as you feel necessary) for something special that has happened in your life.

Wow, where do I even begin? I am totally responsible for where I am today and the person I’ve chosen to be, yet I’ve had a lot of help over the years. What’s so interesting is that some of those people I’m no longer in contact with,  for various reasons. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that even though we’ve lost touch, or in severe circumstances can’t stand one another, I won’t forget the kindnesses once bestowed upon me.

I feel the best place to start would be with my parents. Thank you Mom, for being the parent you were. I saw a lot of horrible things while in your care, and I never really felt loved or wanted. It pains me to even type that sentence, but it’s the truth. Yet, because of what I went through as a child, I have worked my ass off to be the best mother I can to my two boys. I am sure I go overboard, and I need to back off a little. I feel myself hovering a little when I don’t need to, and I want my children to become independent, capable men someday. It’s something I am working on. You laid the blueprint out for me, and I knew to strive to do the opposite. If not for that, I’m not sure about the kind of foundation I’d provide.

Dad, thank you so much for your honesty and for showing me that it’s OK to be who I am, and to keep reaching for my dreams. Age has never been more than a number to you. You manage to hold onto this youthful zest for life, and I look to that always when I hear people tell me they are “getting old” or that life is over for them because they are no longer in their teens or 20’s. You are proof that you can keep on dreaming, and keep on reaching for the stars, and I very much appreciate that about you! You remind me to never give up!

My parents divorced when I was 6, and there was a tumultuous time that followed after that. My grandparents stepped in and saved me. Although my grandfather passed away roughly 5 years ago, and we parted on bad terms, I will never forget his words of advice or the way he took care of me, even though I wasn’t his “real” granddaughter. My grandmother had remarried Grandpa when she was in her 40’s, and he took on my dad, my 2 aunts, and the grandchildren, never once treating us as though we weren’t family. He was an excellent cook. Thank you so much Grandpa, for the delicious food you’d prepare. It’s because of you I always throw in a little extra something into my canned spaghetti sauce, to bump it up a notch with vegetables and spices. I experiment and sort of wing it, and I remember watching you do the same thing. I have to mention the pies you’d make. Or the times you’d let me beat on your stomach like a drum when I was little (you had a big ol’ belly and I loved to do that!). Grandma, I get my loud, zany laugh from you! You have it too, and when something gets you going, you let it all out! You taught me to take care of myself, to be a lady but to not let someone take advantage of that. I learned how to clean and set the table, make my bed with hospital corners and proper hygiene from you. You never let me slide, and I thank you for that. You gave me my first job assisting you at Liberty Elementary in the office, and I learned how to stick with something, to be reliable and dependable. Also, I will never double dip, EVER.

Little sis, when we were kids I kept watch over you and did all I could to protect you. For years I was the only one who understood what you were saying. It was as though we had a special language between the two of us. When we got to be teens you drove me crazy. You would wear my clothes and borrow my things without asking. We wanted to kick each other’s asses from time to time. Then we grew up, and you are one of my closest friends. I appreciate the fact that you and I get to go through this life relying on each other for help and guidance when it comes to our kids. Thank you for being there, for listening, and for e-mailing with me so we can keep tabs on each other almost weekly. I always look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you to my high school friends of yesteryear. You provided me with counseling, guidance, and at times craziness during a rough and strange time in my life. I’ll never forget how we were in high school, and how nuts we were! Some of the best times, even amidst the bad times. And don’t worry, I don’t feel naked under here. 😉

I have to give a shout out to my exes. As in, #1 and #2. Look, I am here because I went there, you know? A lot transpired to get me to where I am, some memories fantastic and others not so much, but I harbor no ill feelings, as I hope they don’t hold any against me. So much good has come from my past, and from my previous marriages. For me to hate or block that time out would mean not acknowledging who I am now, and I could never do that. It is what it is now, and I think we are all where we should be. And you can’t shoulda.

Thank you to the friends I currently have tucked under my belt, the ones who don’t seem to mind listening to me talk for hours, or put up with me when I’m acting the fool. We were put in each other’s paths for a reason, a greater purpose, I will always believe in that and draw faith from it. So many of you come into my life when I need you most, and some of you end up leaving due to military moves and changes. It breaks my heart every time, but I love you all like family. Some of you have helped me to raise my boys, and I will never, ever forget you. Thank you so much. But you need to get your butts back here. Seriously.

I couldn’t give this speech (um, don’t play the music, there’s no way I’m stopping now!) without calling on my Tregaron friends. I have shared over a decade of memories with you! You’ve seen me through so many rough times in my life, and you’ve allowed me to be a part of yours. I just love you ladies to pieces. As one of you has said, “we are like sisters from another mister.” Such a strong bond between us, and I only wish that one of you could still be here with us. I know she’s smiling down on us, laughing at the funniness that is our life. You know she had a sense of humor like that. God, I just love you guys!

My family… you are friggen’ awesome, OK? My boys are amazing, and yes, I will take this last moment to brag about my kids. I often try to refrain from being “one of those parents”, but right now, I have to. My 2nd grader is so smart, and just astounds me with the things he knows or picks up. He acts tough, but is often gentle and sweet to his baby brother. My toddler has the biggest heart, and will give kisses and hugs because he feels like giving love! It’s so sweet to see! I watch those two play and I will stop to take in the scene. I want to always remember them like this, running together, playing, and loving each other. My husband helps to ground me and settle me down, always giving of himself and being a very selfless man. He does so much for me and for the boys, so we can live in comfort and enjoy our lives. I don’t know where I’d be without them, really. Thank you so much for being so wonderful, and for loving me.

All right, NOW you can cue the music.

And thanks to the Academy.


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