What’s In My Purse?

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For this week, Susanna chose the perfect opportunity to clean out our purses, with:  What is in your purse? Empty out you bag, did you find anything surprising? What does this say about you?


Well, first off, my purse lets others know just how much crap I tend to accumulate. It’s entirely inevitable. When you have two kids, it tends to happen. Things seem easier when you can just shove something into the purse, and most times, they disappear entirely for what seems like an eternity.

I should start off by describing the state of affairs my poor purse is in. I believe it was a Target purchase, since I refuse to spend a ton of money on a purse that will eventually get ripped off my shoulder or defaced by a toddler and a 2nd grader. The straps are frayed and badly worn from tugging and pulling. I have something glued to the side, and I don’t know if it’s dried food, or juice, but all attempts to remove it has been a failure.

I currently have two bills poking out of the top, ready to be placed into a mail drop box. Yes, I know I can pay my bills online, but I prefer being old-fashioned and like the elderly (although I’m sure a ton of elderly people have gotten a clue and do their bills online). A zipped pocket contains the only make-up I wear, lip gloss. I have a few different colors, and when I get the chance to wear them, I wear them with pride. I have a lady’s wallet I never use and it’s currently empty. Why I haven’t removed it, I don’t know. Somehow a AA battery found it’s way into the bottom of my purse. I blame the kids. I also have a faux black pearl necklace that at the bottom. I must have worn it one day to my prior office job and put it in the purse, and left it there. Hand lotion, and deodorant (you might wonder why, but it’s saved me from running out of the house without any on). Unused tissue, and my wallet.

I have a pair of gloves for the winter, and some random receipts and paper that I don’t really need in there anymore, and should be thrown out. I have a picture of my toddler from when he turned a year old, and I also have a photo of my 2nd grader from when I signed him up into the police department’s child detection program when he was in preschool. I should probably have a more updated photo then the one from 2010.

I have two small pockets, one for my chapstick and my clip on earrings (I am allergic to  metal), and the other pocket contains my cell phone.

I am surprised I don’t have toys or random kid stuff shoved into the nooks and crannies of this thing, but I also carry my toddler’s diaper bag with me everywhere I go. Please don’t ask me to look through that thing. I’m too scared and frightened to even begin to imagine what is living in there!



One thought on “What’s In My Purse?”

  1. This was fun! I learned a lot about you from what’s in your purse. Amazing how we end up with our kids’ random odds and ends. I had crayons in my purse at some point.

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