Why I’ve Been Obsessed With Dawson’s Creek

First off, I blame Netflix. If Netflix didn’t offer the entire series right there for my viewing pleasure at the push of a button, I wouldn’t even be in this predicament.

I also blame my late teens/early 20’s phase of my life. I was still an impressionable young lady who needed an outlet, and The Creek provided me with that. Plus, everyone said insanely big words and had an astounding vocabulary to them. I probably learned a new word or two through the Capeside journey.

Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?

Every so often, I get this urge for nostalgia. It started with My So Called Life:


Then, I decided to take a trip down memory lane with Ally McBeal. I don’t think I even had the courage to blog about that voyage.

I feel this rush for childhood, and I go with it. When I saw The Creek available for viewing, I felt like a bad girl plopping her hand into a cookie jar. I’ll just eat ONE cookie. There’s no harm in ONE cookie.

Four seasons in, and I’ve been watching the episodes. Starving. I’ll watch a few at a time. (sorry to my sweet husband for putting up with me) I know it’s not the best t.v. out there, OK? It wasn’t when I was 19, and it’s not now. There’s something about seeing these characters go through first kisses and love loss and aching remorse over mundane issues like getting a C on an English final in high school that seems to put me at peace with where I am in my own life. In craving the nostalgia, I see just how far I’ve come and how good I have it. Let’s be honest here- how settled are any of us as teenagers? As early 20-somethings, trying to find their way? I was just a kid when I got a mini-crush on Pacey, or decided I needed to find clothes that Joey wore because I thought she seemed to have the same sort of laid back style I had, and still have now. As a 34 year old woman, I am starting to identify more with the older crowd in the show, dealing with jobs and family life. How I see the show now:

When I was 19 vs. now

Dawson- a whiny and annoying brat. That view hasn’t changed. Still annoying, but he’s evolving as his character ages.

Joey- very smart and very cute. She’s also whiny- but also very pretentious. The world revolves around Joey, although her character is also evolving. 

Pacey- love him. Still do. I’m forever on Team Pacey.

Jen- the misunderstood town crazy girl. I feel for her character more now, as an adult. She’s the red-headed step child of the bunch.

Dawson’s parents- why won’t they let Dawson live his own life? Holy cow, Dawson’s dad is HOT.

Jen’s grandma- the wise old sage. She still is, but her accent gets on my nerves.

Andee- she looks older than the rest of the group. IMDB’ed her. She was 32!!! when she played this role on the show. Props to her!

Jack- super cute (total shocker to me when he ended up being a gay character on the show). Still super cute.

I’m going to watch it all until the last episode, which I can still remember vaguely. I believe in finishing a job through to the end, and I will put Dawson’s Creek to rest very soon. Most likely, I will never watch it again after this, and that’s OK by me. It gave me an hour of entertainment in my youth, while eating take out Chinese and eagerly anticipating what would happen next- and it’s giving me time now during my son’s nap time to reflect on the girl I was, and the woman I’ve become in my 30’s.

My only gripe: the episodes on Netflix don’t have the original songs from the show. Here’s why:


Here’s an interview between Chelsea Handler and James Van Der Beek. Very funny!


5 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Obsessed With Dawson’s Creek”

  1. I, like you are also obsessed with Dawson’s Creek. Only I actually purchased the entire series. At 28 I watch a few in a row, while my fiance makes the random, once in a while, comment, while I secretly think he is into it almost as much as I am. Oh yeah, and I have been and always will be Team Pacey all the way!

  2. I love this! Now that Dawson creek is back on tv now I Dvr it and watch it when my son naps as well.. Pacey is still a hottie!

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