Thanks, Everyone….

for putting up with me while I constantly put “boring” posts up re: my group fitness venture. I know, it’s not the most fun you could be having, and I’m amazed when I find I actually have some readers of those posts! It’s funny- all I wanted to do initially was to memorize the crap out of everything. I figured I’d retain it in the ol’ noggin, and then go in and test, walking out with a “YOU PASSED” for my group fitness exam. It didn’t go down that way, and everything I’d crammed in had seemed to fall out. My ability to remember anything seriously failed me.

Some of you are learning right along with me, and I appreciate that so much! Maybe you are also interested in group fitness instructing, personal training, or something that falls along those lines. Or maybe you want to know more about how your body works, tips and pointers to get you to reach those goals you’ve set for yourself. While I’m not overly fascinated with every single facet of group fitness, I am very fascinated in the changes that come with living a healthy lifestyle, and the way a single person can help others to achieve those goals. It’s empowering, it’s inspiring, and that’s why I write these fitness-related blogs. If I put it in my own words, it becomes a part of me, not just some random fact saved into the nether-regions of my brain.

Most likely, you aren’t reading those posts at all, and I don’t blame you! I’ll try to throw out some non-fitness blog posts here and there, and if you skip over me, I completely understand. Things should return to normal soon, I promise.

Thanks again!!!




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