What I Learned From 2012

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For this week, Tracey chose: What is the greatest lesson you learned in 2012, and how do you plan to apply what you learned in 2013?

I attended a luncheon immediately following my friend Jill’s funeral this past weekend, and a man she had once dated for quite some time (and who was still madly in love with her) said something to me that struck a chord deep within. As we said our goodbye’s, he said:

“Don’t stay a stranger.  If this doesn’t show you how short our time is, I don’t know what does.”

I know he said this from a personal perspective, but I really took his words to heart. Like many of us, I get wrapped up in my life and the day-to-day grind. I’ll go weeks/months/years without seeing someone. I know that at times, distance plays a major culprit. I can’t always hop a plane to visit a loved one, yet there are other things I can do, other ways to stay connected. E-mail. Skype. Letters. Phone calls. I know all of this, and yet many times I drop the ball.

Life is too short! I would have never imagined my 46-year-old friend would pass on from this earth and leave us so soon! I take for granted the amount of time I have with someone.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from this, is to be a better friend. To be present. To give more and to help more. To work outside of the confines I’ve set for myself, and to go a little more above and beyond for those I care for, and love. It doesn’t have to be some magnanimous task. Sometimes, just a phone call, or an e-mail will do the trick. Yesterday, my boys and I made cookies together to give to friends of ours. Something so simple, yet so filled with love and caring.

In doing so, I want to teach my boys this lesson, too. Cherish and love the relationships you have. Live life with love every single day. Don’t sweat the little things in life, because in the end, it’s just not worth it!  Don’t be a stranger. Be present.

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. 
Thomas Aquinas 


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