Momarock’s Stamp of Approval

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For this week, Melissa chose a topic based on an episode of How I Met Your Mother. In it, the characters refer to individuals who have to always put their stamp of approval on everything as “stamp tramps”. Here’s my go at being a stamp tramp!

What person (not a close friend or family member), place AND thing would you put your stamp of approval on and stand behind that stamp 100% of the way?

PERSON: My hairstylist, hands down. I refer her to everyone who is in need of a haircut or color. I’m not going to lie to you. Her services are expensive. They will cost you a pretty little penny. Yet, I see her only two times a year, and my color lasts nearly 6 months! There is a certain technique she employs upon my hair, blending the highlights and low lights to where you rarely see the roots showing until months after the job was done. I’d much rather seek out her fantastic skills than to go to someone who may charge less, yet require me to see them a multitude of times for touch ups. My hairstylist cuts hair impeccably well, too. My one tiny little gripe with her would be her compulsive need to style my hair as though I’m auditioning for Vivian Leigh’s role in Gone with the Wind. She will often times tease the crown of my head to ensure a nice little bouffant in the back, and always with a ton of cascading curls. Always a work of art (the compliments are nice), but a little too much for this busy mom of two crazy boys. However, with that aside, she has never disappointed me, not in the 7 years I’ve been going to her, and I go to her exclusively.

Interview with my stylist


PLACE: When my eldest son was a toddler, a good friend of mine referred me to a place called the Early Childhood Center, or ECC for short. I had never heard of the ECC before, and I decided to check it out with her one winter morning. The Early Childhood Center is a place for parents and their children to go and play. Interact. Sing songs. Have story time. Manned by former teachers and early childhood specialists, this place offers everything you can imagine- and it’s all FOR FREE, through the school district. There is only one other facility like it in the entire United States. I felt blessed to be introduced to a place like the ECC, where my son could play with me or his buddies, draw pictures and create art projects, and much needed mommy interaction time with other ladies who were in similar shoes as mine. I’ve referred the ECC to countless friends who are seeking a place to play, and I now take my youngest son there, and he absolutely loves it!

THING: I thought my husband was crazy, when he’d pull out the Spot Shot and attempt to get a stain out of the carpet. See, back when my cat Tank was still living among us (God rest his little soul) he had this habit of puking. This was often preceded by his habit of eating not only his dry food, but the dog’s dry food as well. This would account for a rather large belly that flopped over his back paws. I digress. Tank would vomit, and often times we had no clue he’d done it. He would pick such inconspicuous spots! So when my husband brought out the ol’ Spot Shot, I figured there was no hope. Who knew how long the puke had been sitting there! However, A few sprays, a little waiting, some rubbing of the offending spot, and there was no stain left on the carpet! This wasn’t a fluke. It was a consistent routine! Soon, I’d reach for the Spot Shot for other issues, like when the dog would track in mud, or when my toddler would spill something onto the floor. We had a party recently, and one of the preschoolers in attendance spilled grape soda on accident. His mom was a mess over it! I nonchalantly reached up high in my cabinet (I keep these supplies way out of reach) and pulled out the Spot Shot. I should have been in a commercial! That grape soda came out like it was nobody’s business, and all was well. I often recommend it to friends with children or pets.


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