The Books and Movies That Have Changed My World

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For this week’s topic, I chose: Talk about a book or movie ( if you have more than one, that’s OK too) which you feel has changed your life, either for the better (or for the worse).

When I was a preschooler, my Grandma would read There are Rocks in my Socks, Said the Ox to the Fox”, by Patricia Thomas. I adored this book! I remember sitting next to Grandma, absorbing every word and image as she read aloud to me. I loved it so much that I read it to my own boys on occasion, when they are in the mood for it. I read it to my eldest son’s preschool class when he was 4, and the kids enjoyed the voices I gave to the various characters in the book. I feel this book really helped me to get on the path to reading, and helped to solidify my love for it.

I saw The NeverEnding Story over 50 times in my youth. That’s not counting adulthood. Should I be admitting that? Watching this movie was like re-living precious moments every single time I popped it into the VCR. I was 6, and I’d visit my grandparents every weekend, starting with a Friday afternoon pick up. Grandma and I would always stop at a local pizza shop, ordering a take and bake supreme with everything (and I do mean everything) on it. Shrimp. Anchovies. The works! We’d stop in at the video rental store, and that’s when she’d check out The NeverEnding Story for me. We’d go home, have delicious pizza, and yet I’d never watch the movie that night. It was always the next morning. I’d wake up extremely early on Saturdays, to the smell of Grandpa’s coffee brewing. I’d walk out to the kitchen, and ask him, “Can I watch my movie?” Grandma was still sleeping as we walked into the den, and I’d settle in with a blanket wrapped around me on the sofa. It was like entering into a magical world every single time, and that accounted for the multitude of times I watched it. It’s still a favorite of mine, and I love sharing it with my boys!

I am a huge Stephen King fan. I’ve read every book of his, other than the Dark Tower series. I just couldn’t get into it. The Stand was a book I’d discovered in high school, and decided to tackle it. Over 1000 pages long, it was a huge undertaking for a 16 year old, but I did it. In fact, I did it in ONE DAY. I locked myself in my bedroom, and only ventured out when I had to use the bathroom. I didn’t eat. I wouldn’t stop for water. I started one morning, and by dinner time I stumbled out of my bedroom, feeling a bit woozy and lightheaded. I loved the book that much, that I just couldn’t stop reading it. It’s the proverbial good vs. evil story, and the ending was all I could have wanted, and more. The movie based on the book doesn’t even live up to it.

Yes. Seriously. I loved, LOVED this movie, and I still do. I don’t care what anyone says! I still get butterflies in my stomach when Janey (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Jeff (Lee Montgomery) take to the stage in their final dance performance in order to win the prize! No, it’s not some award winning movie. It’s fun, and charming. There are a ton of awesome dance moves, and it always makes me want to get up and dance, too! It represents my youth and the excitement for dance, and I’ll always watch it in reruns or on Netflix (if it will ever make it’s way there).

This book made me cry when I first read it. Written by Robert Munsch, Love You Forever chronicles the life of a baby boy from infancy to adulthood, from the mother’s point of view. She’s driven crazy. She at times cannot relate to her son, yet the same consensus rings true for her: “I’ll love you forever/I’ll like you for always/As long as I’m living/My baby you’ll be.” I read this book to my eldest son when he was only a few days old, and the magnitude of having a child of my own hit me incredibly hard. I was a mother. It’s a sweet book, although there are some bizarre stalkerish moments, where the mother creeps into her son’s room at night to rock him (even when he’s an adult!). You can overlook that, though.

This movie creeped me the f*%$ out. There is a horrific scene where someone’s genitalia has been severed, and it was so disturbing to me, I couldn’t watch the rest. I had to walk away. That moment was the beginning of the end for me, in terms of cinema that is graphic and disturbing. Even now, when I watch shows I enjoy like Boardwalk Empire, I have to hide my face and cover my ears when potentially bad things will happen to a character. I just can’t hear it, or see it. It depends too on the severity of it, but this movie made me a huge scary movie coward. A good friend of mine once told me, “You have to protect your heart from negativity”. I think that counts for scary movies, too.


One thought on “The Books and Movies That Have Changed My World”

  1. This was a fun topic! I LOVE GJWTHF!!!!! Lee Montgomery is so freakin’ hot!!! The best part is when they’re giving everyone invites to Natalie’s party and then all these motorcycle gangs show up. LOL!!! I had the soundtrack on cassette but it broke and now I can’t find another one. The best song is “Technique.” (Technique is in your fingers. There’s magic in your touch….)

    Cute about Neverending Story. I need to show that one to my older son so he’ll have something to talk about with yours. 🙂

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