The Joys of Shopping- And The Lack Thereof

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For this week’s topic, Melissa chose: What is your favorite place AND least favorite place to shop and why (for both)?

Over a year ago, I blogged about my strong dislike for Walmart:

Walmart Sucks

Those feelings have not changed. In the past year, I’ve shopped there twice. One time, it was to purchase shelves for my living room. The second time was to pick up photos I’d ordered prints of. Both experiences were as lackluster as they’d always been when I would trudge in there, carrying multiple competitor’s weekly ads, attempting to save a buck. I’ve decided that saving a buck isn’t worth that much stress, annoyance, or agony. I’ve been shopping at a local grocery store, and I meal plan based on the specials offered for that week. The meat is in good condition, the produce is delicious, and it’s not much more than what I’d spend at Walmart.

And my sanity (for the most part) is intact.

Although my husband would argue that Target is my favorite store to shop at (we have a Target budget), I’m really not much of a shopper. Most of the time, I purchase items online when I can, because it’s too much. I usually have the toddler with me, and you can imagine how that shopping experience would go down. Other times, I get brave and have BOTH boys with me, and that never ends well.

That being said, the best experiences always seem to occur at Target. The boys and I make an immediate beeline for the Starbucks inside the store, and I bribe them both with drinks that will keep them satisfied and occupied so I can think clearly and buy what I need. The big guy will have some flavored tea drink or hot cocoa, and the toddler gets an organic apple juice box.

This buys me about ten minutes, but it’s worth it.

We’ve also made good use of the snack bar inside Target, and both boys seem to think this is part of the shopping experience. If they behave during the excursion, we’ll stop on over and get some bag of gummy snacks, or chips, or crackers. It got to the point where the lady working behind the counter knew us. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

I always promise a trip down the Lego aisle too, if they allow me the opportunity to get what I need without huge meltdowns, temper tantrums or whining. We do this LAST, because it’s that little ace in my pocket, and it seems to work, for the most part. It’s exiting the Lego aisle that gets to be troublesome, although watching the toddler flop down and spin himself around in a manic fit can elicit some laughs out of me, but not where he can see it. I have to place some purchase in front of my face so he doesn’t see me crack up.

Usually I just stay home, though.





One thought on “The Joys of Shopping- And The Lack Thereof”

  1. you crack me up. 🙂 if you come out here to visit, you can go to target for me. i spend way too much time there. lol! i bribe my kids with slushies from the snack bar. but we’ll do hot cocoa in cold weather. last time we did, my younger son got it all over himself. i found another shirt really cheap and had him change into it before we left.

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