The Top Five Men Who Won’t Get Kicked Out Of Bed…

for eating food and getting crumbs between the sheets.

If you catch my meaning.

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For this week, I chose: In an episode of Friends, Ross creates a laminated top five list of hot celebrities he’d canoodle with, if ever given the chance. Who would be on your laminated top five list? 

I have two constants in my every changing world, when it comes to my hotties. I’ve had a huge crush on both of them for many years, and they will forever be on my list.


It has nothing to do with his Marky Mark days. Or that infamous ad of him clad in only skin tight boxer briefs. Nope, it all started with a movie called Fear, and I went to see it in the theaters. I was very impressed with him, not just for his hot bod, but because that movie was his breakout role, and I thought he did a great job. Another movie I loved him in was The Big Hit. The opening scenes show him doing martial arts, and I was again impressed with his abilities. I recently saw Ted, and he was hilarious in that! I think he has mass quantities of talent, and seems to be down to earth as well.


For years, I’ve referred to him as my “sexual chocolate”. There’s just something about him. I think a lot of it is the confidence he exudes. I find that to be a very attractive trait in someone, and he has it in spades. He’s another one who is very talented, both musically and theatrically, crossing over into the big screen as well as the small screen. I will always stop and listen to his music.  One of my favorites:

And new to my list:


I first noticed him in a television show on HBO, Six Feet Under. He was an amazing actor in that, and he is still incredible in Parenthood. He has a very laid back appeal to him, and it shows in his acting. He’s real, and doesn’t seem forced or as though he’s pretending to be a certain way. He just is. A bit of a comedic performance from him recently:


A friend of mine and I were recently discussing how incredibly hot this man is. I’ve noticed before, but she really helped me to see the light! Extremely talented. Good looking. Great singer. And you’ll notice a theme here; I appreciate someone who is down to earth. You can really see that on his television show, The Voice. I don’t watch that show religiously, but when I’ve watched bits and pieces, he’s been nothing but charming and sweet to the contenders on that show.


I had a hard time filling this slot, but I decided to think back to movies that I really enjoyed in my youth, and one of my favorites was 007’s Dr. No. Sean Connery was the original James Bond,  and I don’t think that anyone has done as good of a job since. He was delectable and an obvious sex symbol back in his day, and I’ve heard he still looks pretty darn good for his age, too.




2 thoughts on “The Top Five Men Who Won’t Get Kicked Out Of Bed…”

  1. Mark Wahlberg was super sexy in The Big Hit. I was jealous of China Chow. 🙂
    I loved SFU but was more interested in David even though he was gay on the show. I also think Federico is super sexy. He was hot on Ugly Betty too. 🙂 Great list and fun topic!

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