I’m Writing A Novel! No Really. I Am.

My husband sent me an e-mail recently, and attached was a link to something called “Nanowrimo”. I decided to check it out:


I’d heard of this phenomenon before; insane writers furiously compose a novel in 30 days (or less) by way of not eating. Or sleeping. Or taking breaks. They are unable to perform any of those life sustaining tasks, because their fingers are fused onto keyboards, in a constant state of brainstorming and creativity.

I signed up.

Like I didn’t have enough going on.

I have to admit, I cheated just a smidge. I already had the start of a novel, which had been in the works for quit some time.  I put that into my magic little “word count” box, and it brought my goal down considerably. As of right now, I need to write roughly 1300 words every  single day in order to accomplish 50,000 words for the month of November.

So far, it’s going all right.

There will be a mess ahead of me. No one mentions the “cleaning up” process afterwards.  I can see where certain chapters should come before other chapters, or paragraphs that are utterly useless and will be deleted while going through the rough draft, but I keep reminding myself that now is not the time for perfection, now is the time to get everything out that’s in my head and hit those goal word counts!

I mean, who knows what happens to someone, when they don’t make their goal for the end of November. I keep imagining old school cartoons, where the floor opens up beneath some poor, unsuspecting fool, and they fall through quietly and pointedly, never to be seen or heard from again.

I don’t want to be another casualty. I will write my 50,000 words, and it might come out as gibberish, and it might be the shittiest book you’ve ever read, but by God there will be 50,000 words and I will make that deadline!


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