What I Would Make Fashionable Again

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For this week, Tracey chose : Tell us about the fashion trend, or trends, you’d like to see make a comeback.

I’m all about comfort. This important fashion statement (whether comfort could even be categorized as a fashion statement) has been a priority of mine for many years, and nothing says comfort like a baggy pair of overalls.

I remember owning a very cute pair of overalls when I was a teenager. I’d wear a long sleeved t-shirt underneath, put my hair up in a clip, throw on a pair of Chucks and I was on my way. This outfit was a major staple of mine, and carried me through into my 20’s, and even into my pregnancy! A friend of mine had  lent me a pair of khaki maternity overalls, and I wore those pretty frequently to the office.

I also owned a pair of severely over sized overalls, which hung on me and dragged on the floor whenever I walked. I’d try to roll the hems up two or  three times, but they were so massive they would unroll after a few steps. They weren’t cute, and they weren’t flattering to my figure but I could care less. I wore them a lot around the house, and when I’d run errands.

I was roughly 30 years of age when I decided to toss my coveted overalls. Although I’m not one to follow fashion trends, the massive hole that had developed in the side pockets curtailed any further wearing, and I believe a friend of mine got on me one day about owning a pair of beat up, too big, holed up overalls, which were definitely not in fashion anymore.

If I could bring those back into the limelight, I really would. I’ve seen some variations, like jumpers or rompers. No one seems to bat an eye at those, but the jean version gets ostracized. They are so comfortable, casual, and an easy article of clothing to just throw on.

And I don’t care what anyone says. They are very cute!


One thought on “What I Would Make Fashionable Again”

  1. Wish I had known you in my 20’s. We could have walked around in the same outfit with the same shoes. 🙂 I think I gave up overalls after my first pregnancy. I just didn’t see a point in wearing them anymore and it was too annoying in the bathroom. My kids have them but I told my younger son that they’re too hard to go to the potty with. And the straps always slip off my daughter’s shoulders. Great post!

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