The Best Commercials. Ever.

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For this week, Susanna asked: What is your favorite commercial and why? (If you like more than one that’s OK.)

This first thought I had was the Old Spice commercials, where the handsome half naked man lets his female audience know that their men can look and smell as wonderful as him, if they’d only use Old Spice. Funnier than that is the responses the Old Spice man has for his famous followers on Twitter. Here’s one addressing Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan:

A much older commercial which always puts me in the holiday mood is the Hershey’s kiss commercial; the kisses ring, “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and it always makes me excited for Christmas.

This next commercial always tugged on my heartstrings. It was especially poignant while pregnant with Nolan (I don’t remember seeing it while pregnant with Ben). Nolan was my husband’s first biological child, and he had yet to experience what taking care of an infant was like. I’d tell him every time I’d see the commercial, “It’s true you know. It really does change everything.”

This list would not be complete without my favorite master of Mayhem, from the Allstate commercials. My husband and I would exclaim, “RECALCULATING!” just for the fun of it!

For a while, these commercials were extremely popular; The Whassup commercials from Budweiser:

I remember how much I’d laugh when I’d see them, although after a while it did grate on your nerves a bit.

Lastly, who could forget this very famous and touching commercial, that still airs around the holidays:



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