On My Way, Everything’s A-OK….

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For this week, Melissa was all sorts of nostalgic with her topic choice: Share your favorite memories of “Sesame Street” or talk about the role it has played in your life.

Like many others born in the 70’s, I was raised on Sesame Street. I remember sitting in front of the television set, singing the theme song and eagerly anticipating my favorite parts of the show. Some of my own personal highlights:



I just loved him. I thought he was so cute, and I thought it was so cool how he’d disappear into cupboards or counter tops. I can still hear his gravelly little voice as he would sing: “You can’t tell a hero by his size, I’m just a teeny little super guy”.


I always looked forward to the pinball, and the counting. I’d count right along, and groove out to the music and belt out the special number of the day.


What kid doesn’t appreciate a character who can say whatever he wants and doesn’t get into trouble for it? Oscar was grumpy, mean, scruffy and never apologized for it, although you’d see his tender side with his best friend, Slimey. You knew beneath that gruff exterior he had a heart of gold.


Nolan LOVES Elmo. He doesn’t watch a whole lot of Sesame Street, but he appreciates the times he sees Elmo on the screen. He gets so excited! We have many books with Elmo in them, and he almost always picks books based on whether Elmo is on the cover or not.

I have a new found appreciation for the puppeteer of Elmo, Kevin Clash. I watched Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey and I was in awe of the man behind the puppet, and felt very emotional when he talked about how children with cancer request to see Elmo as one of their lifelong dreams. It’s such a beautiful thing, what Kevin is able to do for millions of children everywhere; putting a smile on their face. Making them laugh. Helping to make them feel loved.

That’s what Sesame Street is all about. It’s an educational show, but children feel important, and special when they watch it. I think it’s so hard to find good quality shows for children on standard channels, and Sesame Street is available to everyone, no matter if they have cable or not.

I have great memories from when I was a child, and I’m glad I can pass that on to my boys.



One thought on “On My Way, Everything’s A-OK….”

  1. Great post! I remember the teeny guy too. Thanks for bringing that one up because I didn’t think of it originally. I’ll need to watch the video about Elmo. Thanks for sharing it. This also made me think of Edith Ann sitting in the big rocking chair. Lily Tomlin played her. I think she was on SNL originally but then they brought her on SS. Unless my mind is just meshing the two? LOL!

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