My First Weekend Without A Job

Technically, my first weekend jobless was LAST weekend- yet I was engrossed in that crazy Mud Factor 5K:

I had no time to reflect on how I felt not having an actual job anymore.

Here’s how I felt this weekend: (shrugs shoulders).


I’ve been working since I was a sophomore in high school. Office jobs. Child care. A two day stint in the food industry, which ended badly with second degree burns. Don’t ask. After having my kiddos and making the decision to primarily stay home with them, I discovered a very interesting fact; taking care of kids is HARD WORK.

My weekend job? Easy.

In a lot of ways, it was my reprieve from countless hours of cleaning, errands, engaging in conversations with a toddler whose primary language is Babblespeak, cooking, soothing fears, homework, smart mouth battles with the 2nd grader, wiping poopy butt, reading the same book 12 times in a row, picking up constantly, going, going, constantly going, interruptions when trying to talk, use the bathroom, and/or function as an adult.

So, although my weekend job was an escape of sorts, I was ready to quit. I’ve been working weekends over a decade, and although all of the above mentioned chores come with having children, there are some neat little bonuses you get for all the hard work you put in with them, like smiles, laughter, kisses and hugs, cuteness, watching them grow, happiness and a warmth that you can only know from being a parent. Spending time with my family was difficult on the weekends. Everything fit around the hours at my job, and we could never really go and do something together, all together.

This weekend I was able to go on a grocery run without racing home to get ready for work. We even went to a local farm to buy meat. I’ve never had the time to do that. I got a lot of studying in too, which I need to do to get my group fitness certification. We ran some errands, had dinner out and not once did I miss my old weekend job.

I’ll work part time again shortly, yet my new hours will work better for my family and I. It means more time on the weekends. Yes, it might also mean more time having to deal with my kids, but it feels different on the weekends. There’s no school. No jobs. No homework. No rushing. Just enjoying each other’s company, and it feels really great.

Nope. I really don’t miss working on the weekends.

Taking a stroll through the Omaha Zoo’s Desert Dome

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