My Last Day In Property Management

I’ve been a leasing agent for almost 12 years.

Today is my last day.

A job that started out as a part time gig and meant to be a temporary arrangement ended up becoming a long term career. It seems only yesterday that I applied for the job, which was only weekends and then expanded from there into a full time position. I’ve worked for a multitude of communities in the Omaha metro area, and a few different management companies. A job that I thought would be a “piece of cake” was often much harder than it looks. Leasing agents must play therapist, proprietor, counselor as well as keeping the peace on all fronts.  The people business can be stressful and chaotic, but it’s  been a fun ride, and I’ve met some fantastic people along the way. A few highlights from my journey:

Circa 2002- my former boss actually allowing me to take her picture. She hates having her picture taken
Making friends with some fabulous residents! Love these guys and gal!
The three amigos!
A co-worker turned lifelong friend
Circa 2011- Christmas party with my boss/good friend. We both look a little bothered. Must be something a resident said.
At one of my bachelor parties, 2004


If not for leasing, I’d never have met friends who have become like family to me. I most likely would never have met my ex husband, either, considering I moved him into his apartment way back when- without him, there would have never been my 7 year old, Benjamin.

A few highlights from the past decade:

  • Calling Bellevue, NE “Bell Uh View” on the phone when people would call in. I honestly thought it was pronounced that way
  • Taking “smoke breaks” with the girls, or lounging in the clubhouse while we waited to hear the door ding. If someone walked in, one of us would race to the office.
  • Moving a Senator into our community, who later ended up in a whole lot of trouble.
  • Wearing panties which you could see clear through my skirt. I scored a couple of deposits that day.
  • Having a skirt fly up to reveal my panties while taking prospective renters on a showing by way of the golf cart. That also scored me a deposit.
  • Telling my boyfriend he has a big package. I realized I forgot to add, “in the office”.
  • The ex who tried to scare me with a gun tucked into the back of his jeans. A little tense and scary. Or the ex who showed up drunk and vomiting. Or the ex who dumped me because I didn’t look good on paper.
  • Singing “All By Myself” as loud as I could- and then discovering my boyfriend and his parents were in the building.
  • Taking said golf cart out on the property to check on my cat multiple times a day, who I had allowed to lounge on my balcony (I lived in the community I worked for). Can someone say obsessed?

I’ve also had a lot of support over the years from my family as well as friends. I’ve worked mostly every weekend (unless a holiday or on vacation) in almost 12 years. I’ve had good friends step in and watch my boys for me when need be, or rearrange their own parties and events to allow me a chance to attend with my family. I’ve missed my son’s baseball games and overall family time. I appreciate the help and understanding I’ve received.

I’m not sad today, or regretful. I’ve learned so much and have reaped the benefits my career has given me. They say when one door closes, another one opens, and I am very excited for my future and what’s in store for me!

Keep on keepin’ on!





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