Pregnancy Policies for Teen Mothers

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This week, Tracey chose a topic that has given me a lot to ponder. She read an article recently regarding schools that have  outdated policies when it comes to pregnant teen mothers:

I did not know that there was an education law devised in 1972, requiring equal opportunities for both sexes, or that many schools across the country are still barring pregnant and parenting students from an education.

I am having a hard time understanding the way schools are working with these young women. What is it they fear? A pregnancy epidemic? I’ve read articles regarding pregnancy pacts and I know shows like Teen Mom can be disturbing. A lot of people feel it’s only a promotion, but what sort of promotion do you feel pregnancy is going to create in school? There might be some who envy those pregnant girls walking down the halls, but the majority are not feeling envious. I know a young woman in her early 20’s who had friends pregnant in high school. She wasn’t wanting to jump on that band wagon. Teen pregnancy has been around for many years. It wasn’t as open of a topic, but it still existed all the same. This isn’t anything new or different.

And what happens when these young girls are forced out of school? There might be the home school option, but many of them don’t take it. They’ve lost the drive and motivation. They drop out and don’t get an education, which is essential for existing and making it in this world. They made the choice to keep their baby, which in my opinion is a gutsy and admirable move considering the other alternatives. You might think that they don’t deserve an education, but it certainly isn’t fair that the baby’s father continue on with his schooling while the mom-to-be doesn’t get to.

These young women do deserve the option and the choice for what they want to do. In order to support themselves and this child, they will need an education, plain and simple. Being ostracized will not help. If they choose the home schooling alternative, then that is their own personal choice and should not be bullied into it by their school. What these young women need the most is support and assistance. I know it’s hard to fathom, considering how school administrators and even the families might feel about these young mothers. Yet it’s the end result that needs to remain in focus. Maybe they can implement  special classes where these ladies can be a sounding board for what really occurs with being a parent, and the difficulties that surround that. Let other teens (female AND male) help to provide care for their infants. An excellent way to develop peer groups to help support either abstinence, or proper forms of birth control to help prevent teen pregnancy.


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