Man vs. Duck

I’ve blogged a few times now on my experiences with a crazy duck who has tried to pummel me while I run. Ok, he doesn’t really attempt to pummel me, but he has chased me down. I’m not sure if he feels I’m invading on his personal space or not; it’s not my fault he chose to live in a creek right alongside a walking path!

Here are the stats:

1st attempt at thwarting me: Duck chased me down while I was running alone. People thought I was crazy when I claimed there was a psycho duck that lived in the creek.

2nd attempt: This time I had reinforcements. Duck didn’t care. My friend and I were stopped in our tracks by the little menace with bright yellow feet. He stood right next to me and would block my path at every turn. Finally, I decided to hell with it and jumped over him. He took chase, flapping his wings and almost catching me.

3rd attempt: Same friend, and this time he decided to run after her! Who’s crazy now, eh?

My husband and I went on a bike ride recently with our little boy in tow in the Burley, and husband wanted to go riding on the dreaded path. I was a little nervous, yet we went anyway. Guess who decided to stroll along on the other side of the embankment?

The duck saw me and got all flustered, and took to the water. I knew exactly what his little bird brain was thinking. He was going to cross the creek, and give me what for. My husband though had other plans. You see, I feel he has grown quite weary of my scary duck stories and the obvious attempts I’ve made to run anywhere other than where this feathery bully lives. He stopped his bike and hopped off it, setting up the kickstand.

“What are you doing?” Trepidation in my voice.

“I’m going to have a talk with this duck.” And with that, he started to head toward the duck. The duck proceeds to move back over to the other side, attempting to get away from my husband! He’s not really running, though. This duck is more badass than he’d ever let on, I’m sure. His movements are slow yet he’s still a step ahead of my husband.

“You need to leave my wife alone.”

Ducks response: “Quack Quack Quack.”

“She wants to run in peace.”

Same response from the duck, only this time he turns his backside to my husband.

“I’m talking to you! No more harassing her, understand?”

Duck waddles off.

I’m laughing my ass off the entire time. I can’t help it. My husband is trying to reason with the duck!

Even more hysterical: it worked!!!

I’ve seen the duck a few more times since the man-to-man talk and he has yet to bother me. In fact, on Sunday my family went for a nice walk down the path to go see Mr. Duck. My 7 year old knows all about him, and wanted to meet him in person. The duck did come over to swim by us, but never left the creek. He shook his little heiney a bit and dunked his head a few times in the water, but never tried to accost me, not once.

And he’s starting to grow on me. If you can overlook him being a bit psycho, he’s kind of cute.


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