What Frightens Me About Aging

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This week, Susanna’s topic is one that everyone can identify with: What scares you the most about getting older?

The biggest fear of mine is losing my ability to stay active. I’ve seen a lot of older people who don’t keep in shape, most likely due to physical limitations. For someone like me who has various diseases in her family like type 2 diabetes, keeping active is a very important lifestyle. I really hope that I’m able to keep moving, even in my golden years!

Another large fear of mine is seeing my loved ones pass away. I haven’t had anyone incredibly close to me cross over yet, and I am not sure how I will handle it when it happens. Although I understand the concept that death is a part of life, it doesn’t give me much solace. When my cat Tank passed away in March, that really messed me up, and given he’s a pet, I can only imagine how I will feel when a relative or close friend is gone from my life.

I worry about my mental health as I age. My grandfather (dad’s side) passed away due to dementia a few years back, and I would hate to have something like that occur, and have those close to me see me in that state. It seems a painful thing to have someone you love so much not know who you are, and an awful way to leave this earth.

What surprises me is the lack of fear I have towards my looks in regards to aging. When I was much younger, I worried about wrinkles, sagging skin and gray hair. Now that I’m 34, I really could care less. I realize how inconsequential it all is. I keep in pretty good shape but I will never look like I’m in my 20’s again. I rarely get carded anymore yet I feel a lot better now with the way I look, most likely because I feel good. I have wrinkles. I don’t have gray hair yet, but my mother didn’t get her first grays until her late 30’s, and I figure I am following in her footsteps there.

Plus, it’s OK to be older. Look at Sex and the City and Cougar Town. These television shows make it acceptable for older women to be sexy, and hot. Even an old school movie like The Graduate emphasized a beautiful older woman pairing up with a fresh, young college graduate. (Although in real life, Dustin Hoffman was a mere 6 years younger than his “older” co-star, Anne Bancroft.

Hoffman, 30. Bancroft, 36

We seem to be living a lot longer, too. I was amazed to see someone celebrating her 111th birthday this morning on The Today Show. When asked the secret to her longevity, she said it was clean living. I’m not quite sure what she means by this, but I’d like to think it involves eating healthy, staying active both mentally and physically,  and doing all we can to keep it as enjoyable as possible.

Even when we are old.


One thought on “What Frightens Me About Aging”

  1. We really do think alike! Maybe we were related in a past life. 🙂 I was looking at my senior picture today and then looking at myself now and affirming that I definitely look older. Hard to believe that Anne Bancroft is my age in that picture. Great post, as always!

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